Saturday, 12 April 2008

Venture into the Urban

I went to town today:

Put some money on my bank account so I won't go into overdraft by paying rent. It happened a few times now so I started tracking the numbers on my account with added vigilance.

I cut my hair! I took a shower today just so my hair would be clean for cutting. I was prepared for the dreaded cold shower due to the water not being heated up properly but to my amazement, there was hot water coming from it! Finally, I can cleanse myself of sin more often again...

I exchanged the book tokens from earlier for Beyond Good and Evil.

I embraced the Geek Side by buying boosters for Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon TCG. It's been ages since I last played or bought Pokemon cards and I nearly forgot how much fun they are... too bad there's no one I can play with...

Grocery shopping went well. I have a great many vegetables in my grasp now, combined with the ready meals it should enable me to last the whole week. I also bought some cereal bars so I won't be buying them from my school campus, cheaper that way.

I was about to buy a new webcam but I just couldn't make myself spend that amount of money. I was too scared that I will bring it home only to find out that it was a laptop issue. With slight resignation, I tried once again to plug my webcam in. Once more, a surprise! It worked so I can show off my lack of hair!

I have yet to check if it works properly as a video+sound recorded but today wasn't such a bad day. It even rained only at the time I was either in a shop or a bus...

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