Sunday, 30 September 2007

Return of Me

This was a very long and tiring month, apparently, it's not going to slow down now that university started. Here is the gist of what's been going on...

The Visit
As you may know, my parents visited me before I left for Poland. We went to Stonehenge, where I had to translate from an audio guide and after going round the rocks, we were slightly disappointed... then we tried to visit Legoland Windsor but the prices killed that idea so we ended up near Buckingham palace.
Of course, after being nearly done visiting, my housemate (who moved out months ago) calls me and asks me why are my parents staying in his empty room. Apparently, he had in plans having his friends over in a house he doesn't live in any more!
My parents weren't happy with the turn of events, but we got back and they left. They had in mind staying for one more night before leaving so I was a bit afraid about my dad driving across England instead of sleeping. But when I woke up in the morning, they were fine.

I have to say I was very proud of my sister when I revealed the sun behind the curtains one morning and she used her arms to cover her face and hissed... that was so sweet!

Invading London
My cunning plan was perfect! Spend money for tickets to London under the guise of buying shoes for my sister and meet up with Insane Prophet and Revamp. It was fun, plain and simple, and I managed to get a copy of Scion: Hero. When we were in the RPG Store, I said about a possibility for me to translate RPG books and I was shocked when Insane Prophet said "You're not only able to do it, but you will do it right." or something like that. I felt extremely flattered and didn't know what to say, and I still don't know... It was a day well spent.

Busy, Busy, Busy!
After getting back to what was supposed to be a relaxing month, a prospect of joining the team translating Legend of the Five Rings came up. Since I was a bit bitter about not getting into the World of Darkness team, I took the job.
10 pages a day is really hard work... especially considering I was still active in the local literary community. Visited a few authors, talked a bit more about publishing my own poetry volume and went to the theatre under recommendation. A very nice spectacle, but since it was about Wyspiański, you probably won't understand a thing if I start talking about it.

Meanwhile, the Head Translator for World of Darkness invited me to join his in-the-works webservice about the game. After being done with the translation, I quickly translated my Cyberians write-up and he did like it!
So now I'm in two WoD webservices...

Naturally, my sister watched a lot of Heroes while I was there, some episodes with me, some without. While I watched the whole Samurai 7 series as a way to get into the mood of translating. (My excuse is extraordinary!)

Back to the Future
I like travelling but I hate getting from Place A to Place B. The places are fine, but the "getting to" is horrible. Something always goes wrong. This time I had to be stupid enough to use the wrong PIN with my card so I was stranded on the airport and if it wasn't for a friend, I would be stuck there... Thankfully, she greatly helped me out and I managed to get back here. I guess I deserved the 5 hours I had to wait in Luton.

There are new housemates in the house, I met two of them already and they seem fine. It shouldn't be hard to survive this year, even considering it's my second and it's going to be harder. Although, last year was quite easy and boring.

Apparently, the university's online database has me as a Literature student... this needs corrections!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Lack of Time

Why is it that when there is a lot to write about there just doesn't seem to be enough time for it... this is my excuse for why I might disappear from the net soon and why such a late and short update...

Friday - mother and sister arrive, me and a Czech friend (her car) went to pick them up
Saturday - dad arrives, we go visit Brighton
Sunday - we go see Stonehenge and London, due to housemate trouble, they had to leave at 22:00
Monday - Bank holiday, me and sister sat at home and spent the time being siblings!
Tuesday - we go search through Brighton shops
Wednesday - Czech friend comes to take us to a Polish friend, we talked all four about stuff and relaxed, ended the day with searching through Eastbourne shops
Thursday - we stayed at home and were siblings again!
Friday - we went to London to meet Insane Prophet and Revamp, I bought Scion: Hero
Saturday - we were siblings again (sister was recovering from bad feet-pain), parents arrive late in the evening
Sunday - early in the morning dad takes us all to the airport, noon spent flying, rest of day on the road to Białystok
Monday - spent on being with mum and seeing grandpa for a moment
Tuesday - search for books for my sister high school and regaining my sleep pattern which was drained of hours last week
Wednesday - I make talks about a translation job

Right now I am contracted to translate 120 pages of Legends of the Five Rings for the Polish market. I have 2 weeks to be done with it, thus I shall be busy once more...