Saturday, 25 October 2008

Egyptian Dreaming

I was cursed to roam my castle as a powerless child. My court abandoning me, there was little hope for me. That is, until a group of grave robbers broke in and offered me their help. They knew how to lift the curse plaguing my being so I agreed that if I am to return to my true form before we next meet, I'll offer them as much gold as they can carry.

I returned to my normal state a few days later. Nearly instantly, my courtiers flocked back with proclamations of leaving on quests to help me. They were all so happy to have their Pharaoh back. We all suddenly heard very strange sounds. I went out to investigate and see my palace being overrun by dozens upon dozens of grave robbers who just plainly took everything that was valuable in my possession. Angry at this, I asked my court who is responsible for letting them in. One reluctantly admitted his fault, I snapped his neck.

In anger, I called out to the robbers to stop this instant but they would not listen. My next shout wasn't so pleasant as I plainly said all the ones who won't leave now will be killed by these hands of mine. They probably thought one man is no match for about 100 people. I jumped into the fray and told the guy picking out marble off the floor to stop. He told me "make me" so I proceeded to take his tools, go round him and make a hole in the floor he'd fall in. The guy laughed, grabbed a piece of marble and hit me on the head. A very astonished look appeared on his face when he saw the marble crumbling to sand in his hands.

Thus I spent the day getting people off my castle using my sand touch powers that are so much better than the uncontrollable gold touch! I then sat on a sand throne, created with my sand manipulation powers, and looked down upon those people fearing my might and wrath.

"You have angered me," I stood up and pointed with my arm to the east where a pit formed in the desert's sands. "But I am a benevolent ruler so I'll give you a choice. Discard your previous life into the pit, throw your clothes and memories into oblivion and live as my slaves or throw yourselves into the pit and be consumed by these sands."
"You promised us treasures, is this how you repay us?" their leader shouted. "By breaking your word! We held up to our word unlike you! It's you who have no honour!"
"You dare to speak of honour? You who did not come to my palace to ask for his reward? If you had done so, I'd given you as much as you can carry but instead you choose to forget about your host, come inside my house as if it was a brothel and take everything out of your own accord." I sat down. "That is your crime, this is your punishment."

And then I looked at the people making their decisions.

Fall for your Lives!

I apparently was myself and I was in the middle of travelling from point A to point B but as it often happens, there were delays...

Part of my journey was to get through a school. Unfortunately for me and other travellers, the gate we were supposed to go through was down for maintenance, so we had to wait inside the building until it would be open. I spotted a "no entry" sign in one of the hallways but looking through windows, I noticed the hallway led to where I was going so it would be pointless for me to stay with everyone else waiting for some stupid gate to open. Thus I went there and after a while I found a gym where some girls were training, all the doors leading out of the building were closed so I couldn't get out but at least I had a lot better internet reception, so I sat down and went on the internet.

Moments later the Principal came and told me he needs to bring me in for questioning as I committed a crime by coming here. After entering her office she starts talking while I gaze into the distance... the door was the only way out but I needed a key so I asked after being bored of boredom.

"Can I have the key?"
"No," she said.
"I'll shoot you with my finger if you don't," I pointed my index finger at her.
"Like you can!" she replied
"oh well," I sighed. "But at least I can do this!"
I jumped, grabbed her by the ankles and held her outside the window so she can have a nice view of the grass 5 floors below.
"Now will you give me the key?" I asked.
Unimpressed, she threw it down.
"Now you'll have to catch it before it falls," I said as I let her fall to her death then I jumped myself, grabbed the key in mid-fall and safely landed on the ground while she became a blood stain on the Earth's face.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

NaNoWriMo Fail

I have to say that my current workload just won't allow me to tackle NaNoWriMo this year. It's mostly because of studying but writing for Asylum, running Exalted and Changeling The Lost, the secret project, taking part in a podcast, translating poetry, trying to write some blog posts for my RPG blog project, being more social and trying to get into the habit of relaxation isn't helping...

So yeah, can't go with NaNoWriMo at all this year... at least I have that Class Deceased book project to work on, if I ever finish it. Since last year, it didn't move in any direction at all. That needs to change! I'm unhappy with myself so I'll take what little time I have to work on it. I'll also use my Deviant Art page for all those writing/art stuff, but if you've subscribed to my FriendFeed, you'll only notice a content change.

I wonder if you guys even use that FriendFeed of mine...

Monday, 13 October 2008

This isn't going to work...

I've outlined the main plot and some scenes for my NaNoWriMo story but I just don't see it working as a 50k novel. At least for now, the whole idea and its direction is too fresh in my mind to make it into that length and have it not suck. I need to spend a lot more time working on the novel than I have in a month, so I'll have to shamefully admit I just can't write it at this point in time.

Class Deceased is what I tried to write last year, so it unfortunately goes to the very end of my novel writing list. The Door has some of the problems that the current story had, so I'll probably not tackle it. The Shaman looks a lot better, it's already a short story so I know what I want to do with it. I just need to add a lot more scenes from various points of view, learn how to speak pirate, polish the plot, add a few more layers to it, make up some more characters, get in the right mood and think of some potential subplots... that last one will be the hardest though...

Still, I feel a bit like cheating this way.
It's something I've already written while the whole point of NaNoWriMo is to write in a month...

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I am become Death

Which Tim Burton character are you?

Emily - The Corpse Bride
Emily - The Corpse Bride
You are Emily, the lovely Corpse Bride. You have been betrayed in the past, and now only spend your days waiting for someone to heal your broken heart. You are very talented, always speak your mind, and try constantly not to embarrass yourself. You have a very delicate soul and sometimes are afraid to go on, but fear no longer. One day someone will come to set you free.
How do you compare?
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Saturday, 4 October 2008

If I were a woman, I'd be a Goddess

What Greek Goddess are you?

You are Persephone!
You are Persephone!
You are like Persephone, daughter of Demeter and wife of Hades. That's are married to the god of the underworld...and that makes you QUEEN of the underworld. But you should tell your friends not to judge...sometimes good girls just fall for bad boys. Like Persephone, you are somewhat paradoxical, as you present a saintly aura part of the time and a wild child aura the other part. Whereas you can be a sophisticated lady, you definitely know how to bring out your politically INcorrect side. :)
How do you compare?
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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Just Imagine

October, time to get a bit creative.
How much creativity are we talking about? I'll know after the academic year starts for sure.

I'm in the process of setting up a blog. My first serious venture into RPG blogging. I hope to buy server space from somewhere. For now I've only played on the Wordpress site, where the beta blog is currently at. Needs a better CSS sheet but I have little experience with those things. This in no way discourages me from creating content! First of which needs to be a post on what the oblivion is an RPG.

Again, it's October! Thus it's time to work out an outline and character profiles for my NaNoWriMo novel. In fact, I hardly have anything for it. I like me a challenge... though I still don't expect to write a 50000 novel. The only thing I know about this Story is that it revolves around the idea of sin... and there will be gore... you like people dying en masse, don't you?

I have also been asked to participate in a Changeling event on Asylum which requires me to write as much Changeling The Lost things as physically and mentally possible... and those will be released in English in due time.

I'm also trying to negotiate some translations... not as creative, but it's still something...

Lastly, I'm part of a secret project that I should not be talking about at all because it's such a big secret that ninjas will come to kill me if I do but I'm so awesome I'll kill them before and after they kill me...