Sunday, 18 June 2006

This is it

The plane leaves in less than 9 hours.

Isn't it sad that nothing keeps me at home?

Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Been busy

These past two days were quite busy.

Yesterday I went to Książnica Podlaska to get my pay check. Of course the director had to invite me to his office, some other people came, we had a chit-chat, took 3 hours till I left. Then I went to school to say goodbye to the library ladies and to check what I need for my mother to get the Matura results for me when I won't be in the country. When I was heading home, I stopped by a friend. She told me there's going to be a meeting at a pub today. When we were done, I went home, bought the TF (Cybertron Downshift), stayed a bit and played with it while at home, and then I went to the party. Of course, the girl had to be there. After all she had said, and the fact that she just doesn't seem to care about what happened, I think I made a mistake. But I don't want to leave it like this. Thus I fight with myself each day...

Of course, while I was getting paid, I got an article to translate. Thus I spent all of today on it. I wanted to bring the translation today in, but the director's office was already closed. Oh well, I will have another day to search for mistakes and make adjustments. I also forgot to bring money to buy a ticket to get home so I had to walk home by foot. I don't mind having a one hour walk, I've done 6 hours in my life earlier, but the fact that I was alone and I had nothing to keep my attention caused an emotional overload...

Right now, I have absolutely no idea what to feel... and that's not helping a bit.

Monday, 12 June 2006


A week from now, I won't be here any more.

I shall fly to England, seeking a job so that I shall be able to save money for higher education. Luckily, I won't have any internet access so you won't have to deal with my constant rambling.

I talked about the job, I have it, I will know the details when I arrive, the ticket is bought, so now the only thing remaining is to say goodbye to old friends, get back what's mine, and give back what I borrowed. I probably won't see any of my friends in a long time... not that I consider any of them my friends, mind you.

I'm actually looking forward to that experience, but am a bit worried about leaving everything here. I still wait for those email replies from uni, and my results are still not here.

This Sunday, I shall fly to my favourite country.

Saturday, 10 June 2006

Translations done

Yesterday was the last of the 4 days of translating. That doesn't mean I translated for 4 days, but rather I translated one sentence, posted 10 times... but I didn't have a deadline and I was still done earlier than the publisher expected.

I'm going to get paid for it on Tuesday.
100PLN if you are wondering (32USD, 17GBP, 43AUD or 25EUR, depending on country of residence )

I always knew the first thing I'll do after getting paid for the first time is going to be buying a toy.

Unless the sending of those poetry volumes will be too much for my poor wallet.

Sunday, 4 June 2006


I walk through a mall, there is a lot of people inside, and I wander aimlessly until it starts to rain outside. Everyone runs away from the rain to the building, but I want to get outside. Unfortunately, the bodyguards are already closing the door. I notice I don't have shoes, must have left them somewhere, I go back. I find them in a dark corridor, I pick them up, they are watching, whispering, there's fear in the air, but I'm not afraid. The rain has stopped, I leave through the entrance. I can see the stairs to the mall going down, there is no sun, only clouds, it's wet, and grey, straight ahead there is grass, dark green, dark grey buildings to the left and right, I can see the horizon, and I jump. One leap takes me over a great distance, I'm light, I feel the air that I pass through, I can change my flight without touching the ground. There's a girl following me, she leaps just like me, she looks at me, I look at her, she smiles, she takes a turn, she disappears between the buildings to the left of the mall, I don't follow, I have my own way.
I notice three men on bicycles, I change my route, they change theirs, they are chasing me, good, let's have some fun. I go faster. I see a fence, I jump over, I'm in a field. One of the men follows, I leap through the field of grain, I reach the other side, my foot touches the fence, I leap over the fence, I land on the fence, I run, the fence is my ground. The fence ends, I land back on the real ground, the street, the other two men are coming near, from my left. I leap, going forward, I reach the buildings, those are the buildings to the right of the mall. I pass one, turn left, I'm between two buildings, I leap up, I bounce of the wall of the building until I'm on the roof of the right one. I leap, I run, three jumps later, three rooftops later. I lost them, no more fun.