Tuesday, 19 December 2006

In the land of my origin...

Saturday was awful, I had missed the plane because of a cancelled train. Luckily Seven's hubby agreed to get me from the airport otherwise I would have been forced to sleep on the street as I did not have enough money for 2 train tickets to get back and forth to the airport the next day, when I rebooked my flight.

God bless those infidels.

I noticed I suffer serious linguistic geekery symptoms... I just can't stop talking about consonants and vowels... which is surprising considering the fact I was never into phonetics before.

I stayed up till late at night talking to my sister, she isn't telling but I noticed how much she missed me... she was never that talkative with me. And she actually talked, not just made stupid jokes that drove me crazy...

The next day, yesterday in other words, I went to my old high-school to say hello to my teachers. I noticed I still hate some of them with a passion, but most are okay, I'm going there today again because my English teachers weren't present. I hope to catch them this time around.

After that, I went to town to meet up with Vegael, and God, how we missed each other. We just talked and wandered for hours upon hours until it was just too late to be healthy. I'm glad he liked the stuff I brought him from England.

It's funny how everyone says how much people tell me I got it easy with my lectures since I got so few of them, but I really don't fell like I have. I spend most of my time in front of books anyway, and now I need to get to work over my studies but first I need to meet up with some people. I owe them that much for not giving a sign of life for a few months.

On a side note, the rumours of my demise were highly exaggerated...

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Why do we fall?

On the way to classes, I sometimes get the chance to talk to the minibus driver. Last time he asked me what are my long term plans after I graduate, so I told him, and he was astonished that I already know exactly where I want to go with my life. He said that when he asks other students they say they don't know yet. He also told me I'm going to be glad I put a lot of my time into my studies. But as I see it, I'm just wasting my time... others go on parties, meet people, date people... I in the meantime just sit in my room with course books on my lap. Maybe I will get decent grades and a decent job... but that's not really what I want... those are just the means to the goal I strive for.

Unfortunately, since I had my first kiss, I don't know if I still want that. I'm not sure why, but I always thought a kiss would be something more than a pleasure... I thought a kiss is a symbol, of caring, of unity, of passion, of love... but the moment we stopped, it was as if the kiss never happened. It just doesn't feel right...

Heh, recently I came to the conclusion I might as well never loved anyone. I never even wanted to be with her, rather, I wanted her to want to be with me and be happy. And now that I hear she is happy with someone else, I don't feel any regret, any anger, nothing. But this is not how people my age should feel. I don't understand why do I have to be so different, why parties annoy me, why do I like reading academic books, why do I go on every single lecture, why do I try to get some sleep on Friday rather than go out clubbing...

I always liked being different, and I lived in hopes of finding someone with whom I could spend my life with, whom I could make happy... but since that day I had that first kiss, this hope was shattered. How can I love someone if I never experienced love? How can I make someone happy if I never am happy myself?

Monday, 4 December 2006

DragonMeet 2006

This Saturday was a blast. I woke up at 7am and still managed to arrive late to meet Deoq, Insane Prophet and Revamp. But they didn't kill me... so we went off to the convention.

It was so awesome! I never had this much fun in my entire life. Roleplaying games, board games, swords, jewellery, card games EVERYWHERE!!! and I mean EVERYWHERE!!! We found some World of Darkness stuff and of course we bought this and that, Deoq got himself Secrets of the Black Hand and Sons of Ether... probably just because they had a weird theory on Arcadia. He also got himself some cards together with Insane Prophet... I can't believe someone can be that enthusiastic. Meanwhile, Revamp got himself Mummy (I think) and I got me Lancea Sanctum and Requiem Storyteller's Screen... to the disgust of the others, so all was well. We played a turn on the World of Warcraft board game, even that was fun!!!

(I still can't believe how much fun I had... it feels like a miracle happened)

Of course, no roleplaying convention is done without roleplaying. So we went to join in a World of Darkness game. It was fun to hear the English attempting to pronounce my name, I think Revamp got it right at one point though.

So, the game. I know there were four vampires, including Deoq. Two changelings, including Revamp. A garou (me!), and a mortal madman homeless guy calling himself Colonel (that guy was awesome). We find ourselves in a restaurant, we don't know each other and suddenly a girl starts screaming at her boyfriend that he has horns and stuff. She runs away onto the street while my character ignores them, eating his salad, the vampires who were outside try to figure out what's happening with the lady who ran into a homeless bum who started calling her a reptile alien. More chaos erupts as a guy goes a floor higher and tries to fly, Satyr Revamp dashes to the rescue and holds the guy tight. At the same time, the vampires enter with the girl and the guy and find another girl with cut wrists in the toilet. The lady screams at her boyfriend that he has horns and is hairy and stuff, so my character goes over to the guy and says that he should leave her alone, he secretly checks if the guy is more than meets the eye. The guy seemed normal so my character is clueless. Finally the vampires discover all the people who went crazy ate ice-cream. They make an experiment, give some ice-cream to the Satyr... so Revamp's character started seeing girls everywhere... I don't remember at what point, but one vampire drunk Revamp's blood and became enchanted. Then the ambulance arrives, the Colonel starts shooting artillery (ice-cream) on the medics. Next thing we hear police sirens, we decide to make a retreat, I noticed the bar-keeper sneaking away with some box and dash after him.

We all meet in a park... Revamp went boinky on Deoq's character and he bit him... my character saw the vampire fangs, so a moment later there was an albino werewolf jumping at the vampire. (I loved the look on Deoq's face.) Of course, Revamp's Satyr, seeing a hairy lady jump on a goth chick and make out, wanted a piece of the action. I made a comment about biting his testicles off if he succeeds, but the dice said he landed on the Colonel who was charging at the enemy (me!). Unfortunately, Deoq got away while his buddy used Dominate on me to run away.

Some time later I regain my senses, and return to the park only to see the gang heading to china town... so I stalk Deoq!!! They got to some ice-cream storage place and heard a lady inside screaming at the workers with her gun in the air. As they bickered among themselves as to what to do, the Colonel entered the "weaponry depot" while I used the chance to sneak in and hide. I found some note on the water supply facility, the Colonel in the meantime got a word exchange with the lady. He said his troops were waiting outside, she pointed a gun at him and told him to get into the corner, so he shot her with her fingers, while she shot him for real. The guys threw him outside where he got ghouled by a vampire. Then they tried to make a distraction by throwing some thingy inside, and it landed right in front of me, so my hiding place was in jeopardy!!! I used the shiny thing to shift into the Penumbra while the note was found by the workers and read aloud. Soon the V-Team was inside and making some killin'... I know Deoq got to interrogate the lady while obviously breaching the masquerade. They learned someone stole the "happy pills that make everyone happy". I know that the vampire detective took the shiny thing I used earlier because he saw me and thought this thingy was magical (TREMERE!!!). Then they went towards the facility.

While in the spirit world I saw a brown trail going from where I was to somewhere, so I shifted into a wolf and went straight through it, making sure the angry spirits that fed on the chaos on the material side of things didn't see me. So I reach a water supply facility, and the trail ends... but not before I notice GHOSTS!!! I shift back to the material and there's a guy with some box going over the water... Being the noble werewolf I was, I jumped at him to stop his mischievous plan... but water shot from one of the pipes as I was in the air, I made another try and got the box out of his reach. So he used some telekinesis to punch me out... and then, the worst nightmare imaginable happens. Two ghosts materialize in the guise of Catholic School Kids. I make a war howl and go wild on all three, but quickly notice it would be better to take one at a time since the kids' arms turned into blades. They slashed my stomach open and I didn't feel a thing . Meanwhile, the V-Team arrives and the mysterious dude throws something at them, but he missed them and hit some machine which got red hot and was about to blow. Running on time, the V-Team killed the guy while I took care of his goons, although the Colonel was clueless as to "why the enemy is fighting among themselves" we managed to save the day. We all ran in separate directions (after the Tremere looted the guy) as the facility blew up!

At the end, no one knew what happened to the werewolf, although I made a pose and said "I'll be back." to Deoq... they seemed to like it. Everything was wrapped up by the storyteller saying there were a few incidents later on with people acting weird but nothing major happened.

Then we headed back on the station, said goodbye, and I was back home at 10pm.

I am so looking forward to next year... thanks for all the fun I had guy ]:)