Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm back in England

After 15 hours of getting from one country to the next... which wasn't such a bad trip knowing my track record, it was actually quite an enjoyable one this time around... I have done a lot of things over the past few days...

1. Shopping = new laptop, new router, enough food to go by
2. Updated my RPoL games = making nearly half a dozen new threads is not easy, especially if you go through a time lapse
3. Cleaned my room = it's not that my room was untidy when I got here, but with the stuff that I brought back with me, I had to reorganize a lot of things, put away everything I won't need for this academic year and make room for all those papers I'll inevitably get from my tutors this year
4. Cleaned the refrigerator = because going by the amount of unclean dishes in the sink, how empty and frozen the fridge was and all those pizza boxes lying around I'm apparently the only using that thing
5. I informed my landlord of my return
6. I went through all the letters I got...

Here's the thing, aside from the bills that I'll split up with one other room-mate, I received a very peculiar letter. Apparently, everyone who was living here the previous year must pay council tax!

See, in England you pay this thing called council tax by which your money goes to the city council, police and fire brigade... it's all cool if not for the simple fact that we are all full-time students, thus exempt from this tax. What's even more annoying is that I'm apparently the only one living here from the previous year, so I have to go to the city council now and someone make it apparent I not only shouldn't have been required to pay but I'm also incapable of paying 1,514.18 pounds...

on top of that, I still have letters to write...

Monday, 22 September 2008

The Wyrm made me do it...

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair - just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.

Post these instructions with the picture.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

This ended up long...

It's been a very long time since I last updated. As I told Exmiscellanea yesterday, it's about time I give you people some explanation why you had to endure without me rambling maddeningly into the internet void (how you did that, I have no idea)...

It all happened simple. I wanted to make some changes in my lifestyle, be a bit more outgoing and sign up for something (like martial arts classes). Alas that did not work because the moment my mom heard about it she shouted me down for being inconsiderate, uncaring and egoistic. Which also marked the first time I was ever called egoistic, after years of counsellors telling me I should be more egoistic instead of only thinking about others. She also got mad that I didn't want to spend most of my summer at my grandfather's. While I like it there, resting in an isolated area runs counter-productive to achieving a more outgoing lifestyle.

Next up was my grandfather getting dizzy and having headaches. That in turn resulted in his doctor calling for testing to see if he has brain bleeding. He turned out okay but due to the testing, he was in need of resting in bed to the extent he would need to lie there all day and night for a week. Unfortunately, with my grandfather the only possible way to relieve him of putting strain on his body through work is to take that strain away from him. In other words, I had to go there and work alongside him so he wouldn't work too much. In the meantime, I managed to go to Warsaw for a convention, mainly to talk with one person and get some things in order. I also bought a game and stuff.

My dad arrived for two weeks some time later, the first of which was spent in Masuria. The next had a cold war theme going on due to me receiving information on not passing a module... and the subsequent panic mode I naturally enter whenever something doesn't go as planned. The essay was being written, in the meantime I went once again to Warsaw for an anime convention with Vegael. It wasn't the greatest experience, but I got some cool merchandise (I'm such a geek). My soul was also consumed by Death Note before I managed to finish the essay.

That being done, the only thing that needed to be taken care of was to clean my Bionicle collection. It was an epic task in and of itself, I'll have pictures to show its size up later on.

If you think that's all that's been keeping me up from being more internet active, I should mention a few more things. I tried to correspond via email every now and then. It may not have worked out as I wanted it to, but it's better than nothing. I find it really hard to concentrate when everyone is home and running around. If it wasn't for the noise that it would have caused, I'd write more in the morning instead of quietly reading internet gossip so as to not wake anyone up. Civilisation IV also got my soul, I spent most days playing it with my sister because she wanted to spend time together with me and considering I might not have that opportunity for more than a year from now on, I couldn't say no. Don't forget that as a Godfather, I have the duty to corrupt a baby so he can grow up into an evil mastermind to rule the world, babysitting is fun like that. Having the PC divided between 2-3 people wasn't helping my internetliness either...

At present, I still don't know what's up with my essay. I don't even know if it reached my tutor, much less whether or not I'll pass those classes. Vegael and I want to start a speculative fiction blog and I probably should put my games off hiatus but my head hurts so much, I think I'll do it after dinner.

Now that I think of it, maybe it's a good thing I didn't had time to edit a video I made shortly after arriving here. As you probably noticed, I look awful on videos... but that still doesn't mean I can't make videos about consuming horrible things that you probably didn't know existed! (like sorrel soup, for instance) As work and school started for my mom (she was on sick leave for a week) and sister, I have more time on my hands. Expect stuff being written...

Oh yeah, there was a Mozart CD in the mail yesterday... listening to it now!