Monday, 29 October 2007

An Update of Sorts...

Instead of posting to my RPoL games I'm now going to proceed with reviving this blog.

Aside from most of the books I read aren't dealing with mood and modality which seem to be incorporated into our essay subjects as part of this semester assignments, not much happened.

The Lost in Miami game turned out to be a big success, with nearly 20 players! I'm having fun over there so it's all good. I've also finished translating my Sarmatae Bloodline into Polish for World of Darkness Azylum, although it's not yet published. Now I'll proceed to detail my Ghost Guides Legacy. As a side project I'm reviewing Scion: Hero as I read it, which should make Insane Prophet happy and maybe, just maybe, it will be an worthy review.

Apparently, all the household bills will now go through me which means I'll have to knock on other people's doors every month and demand a tithe to pay!

Everyone is preparing for Halloween and I'm just wondering if I should go to a cemetery on the day of the dead, sit on a bench and drink some tea after my lectures. It would help if I knew where a good cemetery is here in Brighton.

I most likely have to compile my poems into a file and send them all to my library, asking for that translation work they said they'd have for me and seeing if that would be enough for publishing purposes. Naturally, I'm a bit stressed about it since it would be my début...

I have recently received about 30 books from a friend. Her neighbour put them in a box outside so that whoever is interested can take them and she took 30 for me. Nice ones, The Wheel of Time series, four Sharpe's books and a bunch of others. My full library is of course on LibraryThing!

November is looming and with it NaNoWriMo... I'd like to test my skillz with it. I already have an idea and plan in my mind worked out but it's not going to be Kung-Fu Jesus because that's too awesome to spoil with zero preparations.

My teen years will end this week...

Monday, 15 October 2007


You Are 73% Non Conformist

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And while some may call you a freak, you're happy with who you are.

Go Gandalf!!!

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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Online Game

How warm it must be
for Summer to rule
over scorched land
and the boiling sea

With Spring exiled
Autumn in fear
and Winter hidden
Will the Summer
ever end?

Shall Anger rule
in the streets
and hearts
until nothing's left
but false souls?

What will you do
when They come
for you...

The Freehold of Miami is in a difficult position.
Grandfather Thunder, the Summer King, has taken control over the city in a coup, banishing the Spring Queen, defeating the Autumn Court and making a truce with Winter. Although he claims the city's affinity for Summer will create a stronger barrier against the True Fae than the cycle of seasons, since the disruption, the number of missing people rose significantly.
Could this be a coincidence or are the Others really coming?
The fae are getting nervous. Many people talk, rumors are being spread out. Some fear another war among their kind but the rest fears the Others even more than death.
Are you going to fight or will you wait patiently for your Keeper to come take you back... home?

Lost in Miami

Note: You will need to have an account on RPoL to participate in the game...

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Vampir in Waiting

December for DragonMeet and January for Examination Week... fun... I normally wouldn't be worried about the examinations but there's one subject which I just can't stand, because of the tutor. Apparently I plagiarised my essay, not giving proper references and stuff... naturally, I'd go meet with the tutor and discuss the issue so it doesn't happen again, since I don't want to take responsibility for something I'm not doing and is apparent because my style of writing can be very academic... my friend even told me that when I explain things, it sounds like I'm giving dictionary definitions... but of course, this particular tutor just doesn't shut her mouth, which means that anything I'll ask her about, she'll bring it in front of everyone... even now she is plain rude to me and my friends, telling us "I hope you'll make 3 different essays" because their essays were too similar to each other... and I'm included because they are the ones I can relate to the most... "relate" in my case means we work together during class... we go out sometimes, but not as much as some people... yes, I think it's highly rude of a tutor to bring up personal things about a person to the public because the tutor is bored...

Another thing I don't like about her is how she makes assumptions about people. She accused me of not taking any books from the library because I don't remember the names of 2 books taken out the other day... There are people on the course who I don't remember their names, and I sit with them for a year now... I'm just not good at remembering names... way too abstract...

Aside from that little rant, I made a catalog of my books...

Before I forget, I'm also waiting for Oneiros to start, which shall be a World of Darkness website run by the head translator of that line for the Polish market. It's going to be in two languages, so you can visit it sometimes...
Especially since I'm in the writing team for it! I didn't even ask, I just got an email asking if I want to join... naturally, I accepted and there I am... if you ever written anything World of Darkness related and put it on the internet, I will ask about translating rights just so it can be put there, thus bringing more joy to the community at large!

I'll probably should translate that Sarmatae Bloodline, write up a Ghost Guides Legacy and that Promethean write-up I was asked to do over at a World of Darkness Azylum site...