Tuesday, 23 January 2007

More dream posts!!!

It started with me having a case to investigate. I was undercover and had to infiltrate a school. There were rumours circulating around the community, of some terrible things happening inside. I wasn't sure how to infiltrate the school environment, mostly because I didn't have any documents to show that I am a student but I went inside anyway, hoping no one would notice some random guy. To my amazement, I met with a friend of mine who taught there. We talked a bit and then he asked if I have some time because one of the teachers got sick and I could replace him.

It was during one of the breaks that I saw one student bullying another, I felt kinda sorry for that one but I couldn't do anything before the scene ended. Not giving it too much thought I went on to my lesson.

After a while, I got out of the class to make some snooping around, the flickering light coming out of one of the toilets' door caught my attention. I tried opening to no avail, then I kept on knocking until a girl opened it slightly and told me it was occupied. I left, but it only nagged my curiosity even more. On the next try I managed to sneak inside and saw that it was some kind of cult gathering. With people dressed in black and candles all over the place. The people inside were just students, so I could easily disguise myself.

The cult leader came, I could recognise him by the way he walked with dignity, a special ceremonial cloak and how everyone went silent upon his appearance. There was someone following him and I immediately recognised them. The leader was the bullied pupil while his right hand man was the bully I saw earlier.

The leader turned over and accused the other of assault. On which he replied "But I did as you told, so that no one will suspect you." But the words reached deaf ears, the bully started to get afraid and made a few steps back. The leader turned over to the crowd, asking "Does anyone have something against?" I raised myself "I do."

Bad move, the leader drew his hand and I could feel some force squeezing my heart. Now I knew how he led, using fear, killing those who opposed his will. That explained the rumours and dead bodies found from time to time. But I had something up my sleeve too. I started to change, hair grew all over me, my fingernails turned to wicked claws while my face changed into the maw of a canine, filled with savage teeth.

I came forward, saliva dropping on the floor, the gathered escaping, but he didn't back off. The force used to disrupt my internal organs grew as he drew his other hand, but my anger was greater than the pain. Soon, it was over, with me standing above his bloodied corpse, parts of his body lying around, blood spilled all over the wall... last thought before leaving: "Don't mess with a werewolf."

Sunday, 21 January 2007

I am a Fashion Geek? Very odd...

Your Geek Profile:

Fashion Geekiness: High
Academic Geekiness: Moderate
Geekiness in Love: Moderate
Internet Geekiness: Low
Music Geekiness: Low
Gamer Geekiness: None
General Geekiness: None
Movie Geekiness: None
SciFi Geekiness: None

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Recent happenings

Currently I am at my new house. Which is two times cheaper and much more quiet than the halls. I have finally the environment in which I will be able to study and no more parties not allowing me to sleep. The housemates here are great, I am a bastard, but that's nothing new.

I had some problems with the accommodation office at first. Mainly they wanted me to pay the rent even after I moved out, but after getting emails from 2 tutors, my counsellor and student services, they decided to back off. The fact I mentioned how the contract I signed and what they said doesn't add to itself might have also been a key factor.

Yesterday I had my presentation. I hate presentations, afterwards I was so shaken... eh... now I need to write this essay for my other module.

On the bright side, I might visit London after the exams and then go back home.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Christmas of a Criminal

6th of January... Christmas Eve, everything is packed and it's time to go back to England. This time there were no problems with the planes. But I have bad karma when it comes to travel it seems, as I experienced the blocking of my bank and I couldn't buy myself a train ticket. I was 30p short, I thought about calling someone I know in London but I couldn't bother with it being past 8pm. Then I checked the train prices and noticed I could get into Horsham so I phoned Seven to check if it would be okay with them if I'd stay over-night since I was coming over the next day anyway. But they were out and I couldn't hear what Seven's son was saying, I hate calling from Victoria, it's so loud. So I thought to myself, plan B, I went over to a policeman and asked if he had 30p to spare... I was nearly arrested for begging... I had to leave the grounds and use plan C with my extreme stealth capabilities. I went and exchanged the Polish money I had, coming at a significant money loss which will make my going back harder if anything goes wrong... and knowing my luck, it will be bad. An irony since my patron is the Saint of Travellers.

7th of January... Christmas Day, I went over to Seven but Xander had to take the car to get me because my card was still blocked. I feel bad about that since I know what kinda trouble they have. But I at least had loads of fun while there, and they liked all the dead animals I brought them. I played some cards, talked a bit, and it was very enjoyable. They are such nice people and it pains me that I have little in the ways of repaying them for the kindness (other than praying for their pagan souls to be saved or something).

8th of January... A funny thing happened. A girl from my course asked me if I could go with her for a smoke, and although I don't smoke I did give her some company. Especially since it was raining outside. We talked and she told me about how she is looking for a new place to live because she can't stand her housemates any more. I told her I have a bit of the same problem and want to move out because of the constant parties so she told me that she found an opportunity to move in with her friend but she needed another person to do that, and since I am an extremely quiet person, she told me she would be very happy to have me as a housemate. Add the fact that I am serious enough to study with, in comparison to the other girls she normally studies with. I hope that goes well, and it does seem like it because she wanted to tell me when we could move in but had some bad stuff going on and wasn't even able to stay on the lecture today. She really needs to get out of her current accommodation, it takes too much strain on her already. I just hope I won't be a bad housemate though, I know I can be nasty at times and closed because of my mood swings

Monday, 1 January 2007


Another year begins. I remember how a year ago, Seven tried to coerce me into making a livejournal, but I said I'm going to make it after New Year and not sooner. And so, a year has passed. It was eventful, I gained a bit more confidence in myself but I also lost a lot of things. Like my belief that it's going to be better one day. Funny thing, since I came to this realisation I'm happier about living.

Another thing that I learned is that there is no love on this world, well... at least for me.

People seem to have been doing New Year Resolutions at this time of the year, I dunno if this counts since I decided so even before all the festive started, but for this year I plan:

1. Survive - a yearly attempt
2. Find a place to live - much like one of my friends, I can't stand the constant partying at the Halls, and since in Poland that's no different, I don't have to accuse myself of causing this by my decision.
3. Find work - I just need some income so I won't have to be so depended on my father.

Now it's just waiting to finally get back to England. I hope Seven will still be up to have me as her guest... I am so looking forward to the prospect of training Dale in German... I need to teach him to use the /ts/ phoneme when he sees a "z" graph...

I noticed I never had this much beer in my life. There wasn't a day I haven't drunk a can. I even went to the shop and bought beer for a meeting with my friend, the one whom I haven't seen in about 3 years. A lot has changed, and I will try to stay in touch with him. We had a good time, I think I finally found what really makes me happy. What I would consider a "party", and not just mindless drinking and cursing, just to feel cool.