Sunday, 8 October 2006

Week 2

So... I phoned the Loan Company on Monday, and got everything sorted... it seems England will have to deal with my presence for a while.

I was so overjoyed that I joined additional German classes, which I had on Tuesday. The same day I purchased the books needed for my course.

Wednesday saw me searching for a job... went very lousy... even the JobWorkshop at my uni had nothing, although I applied for a position here and there...

Thursday I have no idea what I did.

Friday I had two lectures on my English classes. Mostly how to write an academic paper and a discussion. I did quite well during the discussion... people even agreed with me I also found out I need to decide upon a subject to write an essay in relation to the UK... currently, I'm thinking on something to do with mythology.

Saturday was filled with webdesign and study. During the evening my neighbours kinda started knocking on my door madly and screaming "Get out!!!", but it was bound to happen...

Sunday was again just webdesign and study...

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