Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Me vs Ich

So, I enter the office of the German Language Teaching Headmistress and try to explain I'd like to try higher-up.

Suddenly... a vicious fight erupts in the ephemeral dimension of my mind.

1: Weißst du was? Du könntest jetzt in Deutsch sprechen, dann werdet du Sie schauen wie gut du bist.
2: I haven't mastered the German language enough to attempt that.
1: Na und?
2: I can't risk failure in this precious moment.
1: Aber du kannst es schon, du kannst ja nicht ausfallen.
2: You can't know that.
1: Na klar ich kann. Na komm schon.
2: No.
1: Du bist ein solche blodman.
2: Oh, hush, I'm trying to talk here.
1: Dann spricht in dieses Sprache.
2: NO!

So I end up having difficulties talking with her in any ne language as I fight with myself for the use of one language...

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