Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Another of those Dream updates

I ready my rifle. I have a job to do. A mission given to me as a soldier. I enter the room, I see my grandpa sitting in his chair, watching TV, but it's not him. I pull the trigger, the bullet goes through his skull like butter, blood drips. His body erupts into sand, the whole room is like the middle of a sandstorm.

"Shoot!" the voice in my head screams.
"No, not yet." I open a book and begin to read it. Even as the sand gets to my eyes and clouds my vision.

Moments later, a limousine parks outside. I can see men in black getting out of it, into the night surrounding them although the room is brightly lit. They wait for the delivery. The sandstorm ends. All the sand forms into a shape similar to a human. I stood up, aim and shoot for the head. I cease to exist...

yet, I am, I know, I see...

A place of metal and glass, little light is here. A woman strapped to a metal chair. Two persons, a man and a female, they interrogate her. The man gets angry, he decides to show his true self. The woman steps back when the man is seemingly torn to pieces from the inside. A worm-like beast with centipede-like legs at the end and small arms on the front. He looks at her with those red eyes with predatory pupils, he smiles with his mouth full of razor teeth. The woman is unimpressed by the alien. He doesn't like this and changes again. Metal bursts from his body as he presents his newest implants, changing him in size and shape into a machine. The front of a race car, the back of a military tank, nearly covering the dome with his size.

Nothing... darkness... oblivion...

I see a man and a woman in their bed in a poor looking apartment in the centre of town. It's night again. They aren't asleep, but look tired nonetheless. The woman gets out of the bed and looks into the night, the lamplights shining in the distance.
"Why do I have to be so different?" she says
The man gets out of the bed and hugs her, his limbs embracing her like snakes "Everyone is different, no one is the same, age, nation, sex, some are more different than others, you are the first of those two."
She turns to him, they look into each others eyes, they kiss.

I am. I stand in front of the building I saw a moment ago. I hold my rifle. I know what I have to do. I enter.

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