Wednesday, 25 October 2006


Today I went to the Career in Teaching Presentation... I now see an opportunity, I could teach German in a school and get at least £20.000 a year. I will have to think about it, this might be just the job I need to stay in England for a long, long time.

What's more, when I went back home, I got an epiphany. I started to imagine in detail how would my novel, the one I decided to write about a year ago, start. I always have a hard time starting a story, but after that initial phase, it all goes like a piece of cake.

But I still have this story to write, and I will soon need to have at least my initial draft of the essay for English classes. This particular story isn't going so well though, I try to put into it some more pirate interaction, but I'm not sure if it will end up being a nice read.

Still... the epiphany was so awesome, I laughed like a madman on crack the whole way back to the halls.

Also, I noticed there will be a Halloween costume party at the bar on Saturday, although I'm not sure if I'll attend...

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