Saturday, 14 October 2006

Bored to tears

Education proceeds fine. I'm up to date with my reading, I have a semi-idea on what I'm going to write an essay about, looks like I'll start working on a bibliography for it next week, the German teacher may send me a level higher.

In contrast, my personal life is a mess. I got no job, my webpage remains unfinished, my Warsaw game is kinda dead, I haven't wrote the next part of my story in a week and on top of that I suddenly experience pain which seems to concentrate around my Sternum. What's even worse, I feel so bored, I don't have the lust to do anything at all...

Of course, it doesn't help being me. I just have to torment myself with uncertainty. I constantly think that my degree is going to be useless, that I won't find any job in England so I'll have to go back, and even the best outcome I see is devoid of my goal. Thus the fact I am worthless and won't achieve anything in life grows on me... but you've all heard about it already.

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