Sunday, 1 October 2006

Week 1

So the first week of my study years comes to an end.

My fee hasn't been covered by the loan company, so I have to call them on Monday. Depending on whether they'll cover it or not, I might be forced to study in my home country... which is a fate I'm not looking forward to. As such, I am in so much stress that I can't even bother eating... At least the constant parties stop after this week. I've been to one Rave Party, and I must say: I hate parties, nothing in life will change that.

I've been a bit busy writing my Cyberian Lineage for the Month of Promethean contest, and I'm nearly done detailing my Pandoran. Sadly, the latest short story of my is on hiatus till the Month of the Promethean ends. Which is this Wednesday. I've been reading Allah 2.0 by Mieszko Zagańczyk (birthday present) as well as Language Instinct by Steven Pinker (for my course). That book is brilliant, normally I am not fond of reading books for classes, but this one is great. The explanation of how language is created by children living in communities using pidgin is brilliant. Not to mention how he describes the various instances of language oriented disorders and the superiority of unconscious use of language versus the concious learning of grammar rules. (For those of you who remember my constant ranting about the motion of education: I'm the Language Fiend, I love this stuff.)

I've been to town, I found a comic shop and they had more comics than my eyes have ever seen. All the titles I could come up with where there, and a shelf with rpgs... I'd like to buy the Hero System 5e Revised book, but I need money for my studies more. The same goes for that Darth Vader Transformer figure that I've been looking for while I stayed in Grimsby.

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