Wednesday, 25 January 2006

England is so lovely

It took me a while to get here. When I was on the airport in Poland and waiting for my flight to England, I took my time and read some Ghost Stories. Of course, after 2 hours of delays, my plane got cancelled because of ice!!! (I blah you -30C!!!). And so, I had to spend a night in the hotel, and the only thing I ate was breakfast, because the drive to the airport took hours. Right now I'm still feeling a bit anorectic

Luckily I finally arrived at this wonderful country. I've spent my time corrupting with my mere presence Seven's family members (Pickled cucumber!!! Yu-Gi-Oh!!!). I also played some cards, and a session last night (while drinking some vodka).

I love the animals that live here. The dog is so cute, and the cats are adorable. Brujah doesn't seem that bad, but that's probably because he is in his cage the whole time. We've been to the cinema, I bought Werewolf: the Forsaken, Cybernetic Revolution Booster Pack and I was given two decks of VtES (now I'll have to buy more cards because of the wench scheming) and more Yu-Gi-Oh cards (oh yeah).

They all seem to understand my English so I think it's not that bad...

I only wish I'd had the chance to meet Deoq in person

(and no, I'm not being kept in the basement)

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