Wednesday, 4 January 2006

New Teacher

Our first lesson with our 4th Polish teacher was very odd... he started this monologue from which I'll quote what I still have in my memory:

"When I say interpret 4 poems at home, that means 4, not 3. 3, 2 or 1 is the same as 0."
"The only excuse I will listen to is: I didn't do my homework because I had to rescue my pregnant neighbour who lived on the 8th floor."
"You will enter the class room in pairs, then go to your desks, say Good Morning Professor and only then you may sit and unpack."
"If I see a book on the desk that isn't the work book I'll take it and give it back in June, unless you buy me two Big-Macs at McDonald."
"Your last teacher was a woman, that is obvious. And as you can see I'm a man, that's obvious too. Women, everyone knows, are creatures driven by emotion and passion, they are nice and friendly. I'm not."

Now I just know I won't pass Polish this year...

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