Thursday, 5 January 2006


Mock English Matura: Me knows English not...

In other news:
I came home today after about 8 hours at school, and I see no one is home. That's odd, I thought, but then something black with eyes that screamed for human sacrifice and with claws able to tear flesh like butter jumped at me. So I hugged my kitty and gave her some food. She went mad from loneliness, and people think cats aren't social animals.

After a while my aunt, uncle and their baby daughter came. Their first words: "Why is it so dark? Why didn't you turned at least one light on?"... I didn't notice... (happens all the time)

They are now in the living room, aunt is feeding her baby. Parent should be here shortly, and I still have to do some homework and learn for tomorrow's exam... how I hate school...

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