Wednesday, 11 January 2006


School has been taking most of my time recently.

I have just finished doing my Math homework, that I'll have to write down on A4 paper tomorrow after school.

I'd love to do so many things, I'd like to start writing the stories that dwell in my mind, maybe I could even try and write a book. I have eight unread books, that are just lying there, waiting for a miracle. I'd love to try drawing a webcomic (for which I already have a plot, physics, characters, etc. that could last for a couple of years). But I can't, I'd have to stop doing my homework, and that can only result in downgrading my grades even further (bloody school).

I had an oral German exam today for a better grade. Of course I didn't prepare myself for it (like I ever prepare myself when it comes to English/German), it was me and a girl from my class, we were standing there, and the teacher asked us questions. She asked me one question, I thought for a moment, and answered so fast and with such an eloquence that I got an applause from my class... and then the teacher started to ask questions to the girl... I had like 2 minutes of attention while she got 6 minutes... Ich bin gut

I'll better go to sleep, I still have a lot to do tomorrow and the day after... Good WIIWYL!!!

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