Wednesday, 8 February 2006

I have returned from the depths of nothingness

I loved it in England. I played Yu-Gi-Oh more than I ever got the chance to, I stroke kitties, I've seen English films on an English TV in an English home with an English family (God exists!!!), I got RPG books!, more cards! (VTES seems fun as I read the instruction, too bad I have no one to play it with).

I think I have never drank so much tea... how I love it...

So, after the few days I spent corrupting 7th's family I went to my dad. I had a lot of work there. I had to talk with his boss and help in finding a house for his friend (the agency said they can't help him because he needs to live at least 3 years in England and he needs to know English otherwise he won't be able to sign all the needed documents). During the time I was bored I read some Werewolf: the Forsaken, that book is really good, it has a much more predatory feel to it than the Apocalypse. Of course I also bought myself some LEGO!!!

Unfortunately everything that's good has to end... and fast. I got to the airport in London at 9am, and of course they cancelled the flight at 10am because of the fog. I'm not sure, but from what I know fogs don't appear in 5 minutes... they couldn't see that the fog won't allow the plane to take off sooner?
When the guy from the LOT Airlines came to explain the situation everybody started screaming.
The English passengers: "This is London! Speak in English!"
The Polish passengers: "These are Polish Airlines!" (of course, none of them knew English )
My next flight was at 6pm... airports are so boring... but that's not the end. The flight at 6pm got delayed to 9pm... so I was in Warsaw at 11pm. The problem is, I don't live in Warsaw. I was back home at 3am.
The worst part is, my mum was waiting at the airport in Warsaw with my aunt and uncle the whole time...

Before I forget, I had a strange conversation in an English Pub.
Dad: "Krzyś, go and buy us some beer."
Me (to bar-tender): "Two Polish beers please." (It was me, dad and his friend)
Bar-Tender: "ID please." (I give him my ID card, he looks at it as if he has never seen one) "I need your passport."
Me (polish): "Dad! They want my passport but I left it in the house."
Dad (polish): "Tell them I want to buy two beers."
Me: "This man would like to buy two beers."
Bar-tender: "I need your passport first."
Me: "But I don't want to buy beer, he wants."
Bar-tender: "We are not going to serve anyone until you leave the building."
Me: "Okay, I'll leave the building, but first I need to tell you what my dad wants because he doesn't speak English."
Bar-tender: "We are not going to serve anyone until you leave the building."
Me: "I'm going to leave the building, then you will sell him (I point at dad) two Polish beer, got it?"
2nd Bar-Tender: "Excuse me, but it's not that hard to understand, no beer till you leave." (I hate it when English don't understand English... last time I was that mad, I beat up two muggers... so I left quickly before I could do some harm to someone)
Of course, the bar-tenders ignored my dad and his friend the whole time... and they even checked the building if I have really left... God help them if they ever come to me for any kind of help...

Back to my trip: I got home, and I see my primary hard drive dead... so I'm left with absolutely no programs, I lost all my sheets I worked so hard on, all my translations, all my stories, all my poems, and the whole of my oral exam... I hate life...

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