Sunday, 15 January 2006

Only a week left

and I will be once again in England. I'm so glad I'll finally have some time off. The end of the semester isn't a nice time, and this week was just sick.

12th - I come to school, go into the locker room to get dressed for PE and one of my mates says "They want to see you in the library." So I go there and the nice lady says to me that the publishing firm called and I missed two pages of translation (for my defence, I did 217 pages in one evening, only some parts of the text were in English, newspaper headlines, dialogues etc.). She tells me she has dismissed me from PE so that I can call the lady who does the book correction before printing it. I call her, some chit-chat later and we decide I will go to her place after my English lesson. I return to the library to get my declaration of changes in Matura (I'm going with basic Math, not advanced ]:P) but before I am able to leave the library, a girl from my class catches me and gives me an essay to write for her... so I write it with such speed that she can't believe her eyes how someone can write so fast... and IN ENGLISH!!! The bell rang so I finish the essay and go find my teacher, to ask her if she can dismiss me from all my lessons (Biology & German) today so I can go and translate the stuff. She allowed it so I went to give the declaration... of course there appeared to be a mistake in it, so I had to write it again. After I was done, the line to give the declarations was a big one. I entered and gave the declaration after the bell, and so I was late for English classes. Everyone was already sitting in their desks when I entered but luckily the teacher didn't come yet. I used the time I had to write down a presentation plan about war. When the teacher came, she asked me to present the subject of war. And so I talked, unfortunately I was so nervous I forgot a few lines and made too many pauses. But I got an A. The class was of course amazed (worship me!!!). I returned to my desk with shaking hands. After the lesson ended, I went to see my Biology teacher. She of course told me she did not checked my exam as of now (after a WEEK) but if I wrote it well I will pass Biology this year. I thanked her and informed that I'm not going on her lesson and why. She congratulated me and I went. It was cold (as always in winter) and when I finally got to the place I spent 3 hours on translating and checking for mistakes with the lady. I then went home (of course I missed the first bus, and had to wait in the cold for the next one). In the evening I got an SMS from one of my class mates saying "You didn't pass Biology."

13th - I couldn't sleep that night. On my way to school I thought I will collapse on the ground. I was so depressed I was hoping for death before I got to school (literally). First lesson: I got an F in Polish, because I was learning Biology instead of Polish the night before... After that, I went to see my Biology teacher, and she said she only wants to see my homework on Monday, and that's all ]:D

14th - I went on the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament in my local game shop. It was nice to play, but I'm not used to the style of play that everyone else used, and I wasn't expecting to see maniacs with thousands of cards to choose from ]:| Probably that's why I got the 7th place (out of 8). But it was a friendly tournament so everyone got some cards, no matter who was the best ]:P When I came home my teacher called me and asked something about my application form for which she was writing the reference. She was done in the evening, and I send it. But we had a problem with what is my dad's debit card Security Number and he was pissed off badly that my teacher didn't do it earlier... but 7th helped ]:D (I can bring up to 20kg of luggage with me ];)) Then I chit-chat some on Trillian and went to sleep.

15th - That's weird. I apparently speak in English while asleep ]:| My mum came to me at 2:30am to wake me up, and I apparently said "I don't go" (I was still asleep) then she went to my dad to tell him what happened and he told her to say "Get up", she returned, said "Get up", I woke up, and I was like "Why is my mum talking in English? WTF!?". I dressed up, and as we waited for my uncle, me and dad watched Mindhunters (the scene with the liquid nitrogen spraying on one guy and killing him hooked me up ]:|). Unfortunately, my uncle came before the film ended, and he drove us to Warsaw. After 3 hours, we were at the airport, said goodbye to dad and drove back home.

Now I need to do my homework.

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