Thursday, 5 January 2006

The Eagle has Landed

So I come home, being happy because of my results and that I think my biology exam went well, and what do I see? My parents, and they tell me a letter came saying that there is a package waiting for me at the post.

So I naturally go to the post, where the nice lady says to me that they don't have my package and I need to go to the post in the city centre. I go back home, and ask my dad to drive me there. After a while, we park somewhere and I go to the post. Of course the kind man says to me that the package should be at the post where I live and not here, because the package has arrived the day before. So I tell him that I already were there and they said to come here. But my argument seems to be insufficient. Frustrated, I return to my dad and tell him what happened, then a bodyguard came to us (we thought he wanted to notify us that we have parked in the wrong area) and said he can help. After a quick conversation he tells me to go with him. We enter through the staff door and he tells me to wait. So I wait, while hearing him yelling at someone that he didn't do his job right. A minute later, some signature writing and I have my package!

After getting back home I open my package, I look at the content and my mum finds me laughing and crying on the floor...

In other news:
58%: I can't believe I scored so high in Polish...
My email account seems to go crazy, it's the second time I can't send an email

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