Wednesday, 31 May 2006


And here you all thought I might be gone... well, you were WRONG!!!

My PC went for repairs these two days, and I just got it back. Of course, my DVD writer finally works... but I lost all my 300GB worth of files. Including some of my emails.

I got a reply from the accommodation office, they said they will inform me if I get a room in late August, and in case I won't get one, I will be invited in July for a "room hunting" event. So now I have two more months to worry about.

I had a wonderful dream last night. I was a prisoner who was convicted for killing his girlfriend's brother. Half through the dream I learned of my true nature as a wicked demon and I killed some guard by biting his head off. Then I realised that some of the prisoners were used as offerings to the green hulky mutants that lived under the prison. For some reason, I was taken there in the next convict shipment and put to fight their leader because he was bored. When he found out that my demon power is greater than his he sent his stupid but extremely strong sibling to fight me. But as always, I managed to redirect his attacks such that he couldn't hit me and just destroyed the surroundings. Then he joined me and together with the rest of the prisoners we killed all the mutants and made a kingdom for ourselves.

Yeah... I have weird dreams... this one goes to the "write a story/book" category.

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