Friday, 5 May 2006

Exam update

I've just came back from the English exam... It started at 10, ended at 16:30, although I finished earlier and waited 1/2 hour for the rest of the Advanced English crew and we went to have a beer.

There was a lot of confusion after the exams because of different answers. While I had A-doctor, someone else had D-doctor... and after so many tasks people forget the details and remember only the letters so I have no idea if I did right... So the exam wasn't bad, but the confusion afterwards was... I guess I'll only get about 80%.

Of course, the staff wasn't amazed...
"Oh you've done already? How was it? Wait? Why am I asking? Of course it was nothing for someone such as yourself."

Forgot to add: I slipped a poem in her purse, and she found it after getting home... she thought it was cool and was quite surprised... never before did she get a poem.

In other news: I've been dumped (see, I told you)

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