Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Stuff been happening

I've been busy these couple of days.

I've visited my grandparents on Saturday, I went to the woods with the dog, I watched how magnificent the sky above the trees looks before a storm. How the wind and thunder play a symphony of heaven's rage, and how the light reaches the grass through the dark clouds of woe.
I'll have to try and write a poem about that beauty.

The next day, of course, I had to study for my English exam. And what is a better way to study the complexity that is the language of England than to watch an American cartoon?

Monday went mostly uneventful. I got the highest grade at the highest difficulty level so now I'm über. The examinators were astonished, to say the least. The end of the exam went like this:
1. Every student that took it went into the room.
2. The examinators say my name and ask where am I.
3. Another examinator points towards me.
4. Then they say my score: 20.
5. Silence.
6. The examinator ask: "Where's the applause?"
7. APPLAUSE!!! I so rule.

Now you can call me the God of English, oh wait, you already call me that.

Tuesday was mostly sleeping, that way I was able to save up energy for the evening party... which was boring as hell.

Today I had to go to school in the morning to make the FINAL corrections to the tome. This time it wasn't in a file but in a real book format. It looked neat, my favourite colour.
I made some corrections that I didn't noticed before, like "singed" instead of "sang", and I changed "alright" to "all right". As not to give people a chance for pointing out my mistakes.

When I came home I had to buy a ticket for my dad... it took me about 3 hours.
I had to use the phone because my dad wanted to use the voucher that he got earlier, although I told him that it will be a small sum.
First they said I couldn't use the debit card, only credit cards. So I had to put the booking on hold, call my mother, she gave me her card info, and then I called them again.
Then they told me that if I want to use the voucher I had to send it to them, not just give the voucher number. Everything was alright, I got the address to send it and the ticket was only waiting for the voucher to come. So I called my dad to inform him about the voucher sending. But he had to notice the price, it was one pound less than buying over the internet. AND although I told him that buying through phone or a salon is ALWAYS more expensive I still had to listen to all those comments about asses and toilet papers. He told me to cancel the booking, and tell them a lot of vulgar words... I cancelled the booking, and that's that.

Right now I'm frustrated. I really hope I'll find one of the Transformer figures I want in the supermarket today... or I might be mad.

The irony is that I didn't want to make the booking via phone in the first place, I wanted to make it via the internet, mostly because I'm lazy. But now, we paid a lot on those country to country phone calls I had to make. And my mum says that me being a slacker is a bad thing.


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