Saturday, 29 April 2006

What a day

I have graduated high school, the only thing that remains is Matura (first exam: 4th May).

Of course, my parents are away in another country. Thus I made a party in my house yesterday. Seems like everyone was glad they came, we played cards, drank beer, talked, made jokes. People were signing my "graduate card". Although I was a bit sad that one girl didn't came. But then she came at nearly the end with vodka and stayed to help me clean the mess. We came to my room because she wanted to see my IELTS results, then we talked, I sat on my bed, she on the chair, then she sat on the bed too. We talked, she leaned over me, her head landed on my chest, we hugged, our first kiss, second, third... I walked her home after two hours, came back and looked at my graduation card. She wrote there "For my future husband"

Have I died and went to Heaven?

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