Saturday, 22 April 2006

What happened

Let me recall what happened in the Life of Vampir... hmmmm... that sounds like a title for some soap opera...

I went to torpor on the Off-Topic Forum, I stopped to enjoy posting there.

I joined SnE instead, and I started to be more active on the other forums where I have membership. In other words, and I must say that SnE is awfully slow, I only managed to make 20 posts in 4 days, meh...

Looks like I graduated school, I'll be getting my diploma on Friday. Although the grades aren't those of a top student I'm glad I graduated. I still lack the IELTS exams though. Now I have to survive the Matura, I'll have to practice my speech a bit more.

I'm so tired today. I got the last part of the poetry tome I'm working on, there were two texts that needed translating, a note from Jan Leończuk (a very prominent poet in our region) and a Redactor Note about our school. Those two were a bit difficult and long. Now comes the part of inserting my translations into the blank pages... and I have a game tomorrow. That saddens me a bit because I had to tell my grandfather that I can't visit him on Easter but I really need to work on this project.

My mum called me today and informed me that she'll be back in a week. Somehow I don't care much... I don't know why, I just want to get out of this house, get a job, get a house, and live without anyone telling me what I have to do at this very moment.

What really made me happy lately is the fact that some of my class mates ask me if I could stay in touch with them if I'll go to England... (which is unlikely since I won't pass my Matura)

The fact that I have ideas is troublesome, I have ideas for spirits, monsters, characters, cities, settings... I want to write them, and I want to put them all on a website... I just am like that. Creativity is my curse. Not only I have various ideas for RPG, but I also have my own ideas for webcomics and stories, maybe even a book if I get to work some more details...

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