Monday, 24 April 2006

Last week of school... EVER!!!

Yesterday was Easter. Of course my aunt changed the celebration time from evening to morning so because of me, a lot of people I care about didn't play Werewolf yesterday... I feel like crap now.

So after 5 hours (and she promised me 2) I came back home and started working on filling the poetry tome with my translations. Of course it turns out there was a mistake in the file so now it has one page too many... that may be troublesome. I worked 5 hours on that thing, only to see it modified now and making adjustments later... BLAH!!!

That was a really bad day... must be because of that black cat that crossed my path on Thursday... AND I STILL DON'T HAVE THE IELTS RESULTS!!! That starts to drive me mad, have I done that badly that they won't even send results to me?

At least it's the last week of school... which is both a bad and a good thing.
Good: It's the last week of school EVAH!!!
Bad: That only means that Matura is near, soon I'll be sending applications to universities

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