Sunday, 23 December 2007

Scion Hero

My friend just left from a one-on-one session of Scion Hero where he played Shon Larson, a government agent who was fired due to unconventional ways of getting things done. The following is a log of what happened during the session, I hope to write a more coherent fiction piece based on it but here is the gist for now. Enjoy!

When Shon Larson was having a drink in his favourite pub, he got word from the bartender that a certain fellow was looking for someone of his talent to do some work. Since the bartender's contacts included mythological connections, Shon's curiosity took the better of him and so he was waiting the next day to meet with the man.

His wait wasn't long as he noted a silence creeping over the pub when two men in suits entered followed by a man with a strange radiant presence. Nearly immediately he went over to Shon and they had a talk. The man's name was Alexander Sonne, a drug lord here in New York and an Alfar trying to gain more power by using addicts as his worshippers. He told Shon of a problem he had with a new drug coming to the market. People called it Red Rage and it seemed highly addictive. Shon agreed to help the Alfar in return for money, which he received $10,000 up front.

After the discussion he rode his motorcycle to Queens. An hour of searching later he found someone who looked like a drug dealer so he went up to him and through discussion and some subterfuge, coerced the guy that he was indeed a confused addict looking for a way to lose some cash. While the exchange took place, he slipped a tracking device onto the guy. Having gotten the drug, he gave it to his friend for analysis and called it a day.

He received the call from his friend the next morning. Apparently, the pills contained erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes and eptifibatide. The last of which he instantly knew was an anti-thrombocytes drug. What's more, the DNA didn't match any animal nor human DNA sample. The discussion had to end so Shon went to follow the dealer around.

Before nightfall Shon gathered enough information to know that the dealer is getting his supplies from an old warehouse at the docks. Now that he sneaked inside, it was obvious it wasn't empty. It was full of crates filled with Red Rage pills. As he went further inside, trying to remain unnoticeable, he saw various people putting the crates here and there as they were being told by one very big individual. Said person started sniffing the air like a bloodhound, Shon's instinct told him he would need a distraction fast or else he'll be detected. He noticed one worker having a smoke, it gave him an idea. When he was throwing away the match, Shon made it so that the fire would burn for a longer time. The flaming match landed on the head of another worker, who went berserk and started fighting the other. Their fight caused some of the crates to fall and the floor was quickly filled with pills which made others fall down. Madness ensues as Shon entered an office space. Inside he found some documents about a small shipment of eptifibatide from the New York University Medical Center and a few bank details which showed bribes being given. He planted a fire here too before leaving but was met by an overly large man on fire. With flames and people running away it was hard to get one's head over the situation. Shon didn't even notice as the man blew a column of fire at him from his mouth. A column which refused to harm the Scion. Knowing he won't win, he tried to make his escape by slipping underneath the giant but he was grabbed by the leg and lifted up. He managed to take out his pistol and shot the bastard who released him in a surge of pain. A minute later, Shon was nowhere to be seen.

The night was still young so Shon went ahead to meet the doctor who was listed in the papers he found. It wasn't hard to go unnoticed in the crowd of patients and doctors, soon he found the office of the doctor and entered. She tried to fool him when he asked about the drug but having a gun works great for intimidation. She told him she was taking blood from people with the gigantism condition. They came willingly and it seemed like easy money so she took it. The next batch would be given the next day at midnight. Pleased with the information, Shon hit the woman unconscious and staged a fire coming from her computer. He made his leave with the rest of the evacuating people.

After hearing the news about his latest exploits, he waited for midnight. He was already at the Center, patiently waiting for the people to come to the designated spot. Since the doctor died yesterday, they had to take the blood out by stealth and Shon followed but not before planting a bug on their car. They led him downstairs to the research area where they took a mobile refrigerator, filled it with the blood and went back to the car. After that they met an overly large man in a park whom they gave the box. Shon decided to follow the man to the underground where the fellow jumped on the tracks, went further into the tunnel and disappeared after going through a wall. Naturally, Shon followed and found himself in a room made out of wax, human skulls and skin with the giant about to fill empty pills with the blood. He wasn't happy with the unexpected visitor so he stood up and got shot in the knees by Shon's quick hand. He fell to the ground, tried to grab the Scion but failed as he jumped out of reach. The giant then tried to throw the box at him but likewise failed. He lied there without anything to do but be mad while Shon had some questions he wanted answered.

I'm not overly pleased with how it went. I originally wanted to have a scene where Shon would see what the effects of the drug on people are but he seemed uninterested in investigating that so I went with his wishes.
I also need to thank MrGone who made an awesome Scion Sheet that I had the pleasure to use.

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