Monday, 3 December 2007

DragonMeet 2007

As some of you may already know, Saturday saw DragonMeet held in London. Much like the previous year, I went there to meet a lot of other people. This time around, our group was larger by two more. Mainly Mithras and AfroHead, a player from Saint Christopher's Orphanage for Lost Children. Including me, Insane Prophet, Deoq and Revamp there were six of us in total.

Luckily, this year I turned up on time. Having learned my lesson, I checked when the trains arrive at Victoria before going to the train station. In this way I turned up on time (after covering 3 miles in 40 minutes with my feet!) although I had some confusion as Revamp called me when I was about to get off and wasn't sure what he was saying. It's funny that way, I always seem to have trouble talking over the phone... Anyway! It appeared he called to tell me he would be late, which none of us was surprised to learn. Then after some texting, I found the rest of the group! For a moment, I thought AfroHead was Revamp. This is proof showing how bad my mind can be at times!

Next on the schedule was the trip to Kensington. Unfortunately, the queue in the Underground was too big for us to stand there. But hope was given in the form of Deoq's leadership skills which brought us to an appropriate bus stop. In the bus I learned that Mithras didn't expect my voice to be that deep... thus we arrived at DragonMeet 2007! (Where Revamp was already waiting for us, and he looked good, I can tell you that!)

It was excellent. I found a neat software called Campaign Cartographer 3, it would do wonders for my online games, especially for United We Stand which needs maps on a regular basis. I've wanted to pick up Winter Masques so I had something to add to Lost in Miami (especially considering the players asked) but it was sold out before I got the chance. Thus I ended up buying Changing Breeds and Oadenol's Codex. Excellent books I must say, Changing Breeds makes me want to have a one-on-one as a shifter. As for the latter, it's Exalted so it not only helps fleshing out the world in my other game but I just like Exalted very much. I've also bought Game Night by Jonny Nexus, although I promised myself not to buy any more books before I read those that I have already. But!!!! The contract has a clause which makes an exception for signed literary works! Lastly, there was this big Star Wars figure that I bought for Insane Prophet because I am still grateful for him giving me Vampire The Requiem for Christmas last year...

We played Warhammer this year. Although there was some interest for Scion in the group, the places were up after we got back from our eating break at the church bench! The game was quite good, very investigative but it confused me a lot. Unfortunately, I was the Sergeant so it was quite bothersome. It was all my fault, I'm just unused to making notes whilst gaming but at least I didn't keep falling asleep like Revamp! Really, it was a pleasurable game and I was far more active and less shy than the previous year. I'm doing progress!

Such fine sessions only make me regret the fact I don't have a job. If I had some disposable income, I'm sure I could budget myself in a way that would allow for planned bi-weekly trips to London for gaming with the Londoners. I could even storytell some Scion or Exalted for them if they so wished. I even have an idea, since there were empty tables at DragonMeet, I think it might be in the realms of possibility to storytell a game for the rest during next year's convention. Though I might gather an even larger crowd by then so Insane Prophet and I might have to split them into two groups or just have a few go check out some other games.

The day ended with most of us being forced to take free dice! With shouted proclamations of freedom and which of our pockets were not full we jumped on them like wild beasts! I ended up bringing 140 dice with me... and I bought my first dice bag earlier!

Once again, another convention well spent!

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