Monday, 17 December 2007

Travel SMASH!!!

I hate travel... there's always something going wrong when I move between countries!

Last week I had to give my laptop for repairs due to a screen issue which needs to be dealt with before I have to write essays. Otherwise I would have trouble passing the semester. Since I was a bit bored I decided to clean my room a bit. Naturally, this caused me to accidentally throw away the notes about my plane. Next thing to do then was to go somewhere with a working internet connection and check if British Airways has some option for me to regain the lost information. Their website didn't help, so my last line of hope was in calling them. Which ended very fast as my phone run out of credit and I had no money to top up! Some of the people I know tried to help me out the next day but British Airways had their line too busy. I would have had to wait more than 15 minutes to talk to someone. On Saturday, before I head over to Heathrow with my dad, we call them again at 6am. Success! The information was given and I was happy to know what plane, time and terminal I had to arrive at.

You'd think that was it for the problems!

Upon arrival in Warsaw I was supposed to wait a few hours for a bus to Białystok. Naturally, after an hour of waiting my mum calls me to tell me the bus was cancelled. Luckily there are still intercity buses working outside the airport so I get into a taxi and head to the bus stop. More than an hour of standing in the cold, the bus just did not come. My last hope in a train, last one leaves in an hour! I get into a tram without a ticket because the ticket shops were all closed by now. Forty minutes later I arrive at the station, locate the ticket boot and get into line. I made it in time! I enter the train and find a secluded place at the back to sit in, then I try to remain awake for 2 hours, remaining vigilant so that nobody steals my stuff!

Finally I managed to arrive at my place of destination.

I hate travel...

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