Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year

Although the year started with a smile, my mood is quite foul now. I'm too depressed to care about anything, which is quite bad considering I have assignments to do soon. Without a laptop, I'm getting so bored here that my mind just shuts down... I shall be going through hell when I'll get back to England...

Naturally, other events aren't making things any better!

I was given a translation of poems worth 60 pages and for now I'm just correcting little mistakes (like loose instead of lose). I do this because the translation has some lines that I just cannot agree with (anymore none still ???). The translator started talking about how he tried to translate the rhythm of a poem... but I'm getting an impression he forgot about the sense of a poem... I'm going to talk about it with the Director first because from our short conversation, it feels like the translator in question considers me inferior. He kept on talking on how translations are made as if lecturing me... and here I'm supposed to write an opinion about his work... not a good start.

I might be doing some translation work, for which I am glad, but now I have the inevitable problem of money. I just don't care at this point in time as to how much I will earn and it's incredibly annoying when my father keeps asking me about money as his first questions, like all my family cares about is whether I'll earn money or not... I guess this is what an artist often feels like...

I have no idea when my first poetry tome will come out but it shouldn't be more than a year.

I recently learned that my aunt had a miscarriage while I was in Britain.

As for the good things,

I'm a Godfather... fear me and my apprentice! I will have pics of me in a suit soon enough...

As part of the these New Year promises people seem to keep making, I'll try to blog even more! So expect to see me on sites such as...
Student Central

Yes, I'm insane... I think those are all my accounts with a blog function... I'm digitising myself even more!!!

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