Saturday, 22 December 2007

Reviews I guess...

I should write about something, just to get this blog kicking...

In short, the last two weeks were all about going out to see some old faces, talking about the publishing of my poetry book and fighting battles at home. Cleaning took place so although my room is far from organised, it's definitely less messy and I found some old writings that I thought were lost. I got my sister The Movies which I hope will help her make digital films that she could put on YouTube. For now she only uploaded a short flick of Luna.

I've seen three films thus far this month so since we're on the topic of films, let's talk about them.

A Polish film by Andrzej Wajda. I don't expect anyone of you to be familiar with it since it probably hasn't yet been released outside the country. It tells the story of Katyń where Polish officers were shot in the back of their heads in the nearby forest. During the German occupation it was said the Russians did it while after the war propaganda, Russians said it was the Germans. It focuses on one officer in particular, his family and the family's acquaintances. I found it very moving and it really showed what it means to take pride in one's nation over a forced regime.

This movie is pure awesome! It's funny, wonderful, magical and a lot of other things for which there are no words. Romance, bravado, fantasy, humour... Did I tell you how awesome it is?

Tales of Earthsea
Everyone knows I like animation. I loved Princess Mononoke and although I didn't like Spirited Away, I hoped that this film would be as good as Earthsea. Unfortunately I was quite bored watching it. The setting is great, the animation is lovely, the plot is nice but it's just so boring to watch. I just kept hoping that the next scene will show something cool and breathtaking and that's how I felt when it ended. It's not a bad film, but it's more of a picture than a film, it's nice to look at but not watch.

Black Sheep
This is one of those films that has an excellent trailer but the film itself pales in comparison. The plot is nothing new, an immoral experiment gone wrong by accident and now everyone is doomed! What seemed to be a very good point of the film would be the inclusion of monstrous sheep. That would have given the film a nice mixture of horror and comedy which I love. Unfortunately, the actors don't have enough character in them and the lack of any background music just hurts this film in enormous ways. The special effects aren't over the top so it would be good to build up the mood with some creepy or violent music depending on the given scene, but there is none. What I would expect to be a semi-serious parody of survival horrors ended up being a meh film...

Other than that I was reading the 52 series of DC Comics and watching some One Piece on my own while the evening was spent watching CSI:NY and House with mum.

Christmas cards have been sent to the lucky few because my wallet objected to the idea of sending wishes to everyone. I also noticed I lack a few addresses. I suspect my taking notes off my laptop before giving it in for repairs was too quick...

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