Monday, 1 January 2007


Another year begins. I remember how a year ago, Seven tried to coerce me into making a livejournal, but I said I'm going to make it after New Year and not sooner. And so, a year has passed. It was eventful, I gained a bit more confidence in myself but I also lost a lot of things. Like my belief that it's going to be better one day. Funny thing, since I came to this realisation I'm happier about living.

Another thing that I learned is that there is no love on this world, well... at least for me.

People seem to have been doing New Year Resolutions at this time of the year, I dunno if this counts since I decided so even before all the festive started, but for this year I plan:

1. Survive - a yearly attempt
2. Find a place to live - much like one of my friends, I can't stand the constant partying at the Halls, and since in Poland that's no different, I don't have to accuse myself of causing this by my decision.
3. Find work - I just need some income so I won't have to be so depended on my father.

Now it's just waiting to finally get back to England. I hope Seven will still be up to have me as her guest... I am so looking forward to the prospect of training Dale in German... I need to teach him to use the /ts/ phoneme when he sees a "z" graph...

I noticed I never had this much beer in my life. There wasn't a day I haven't drunk a can. I even went to the shop and bought beer for a meeting with my friend, the one whom I haven't seen in about 3 years. A lot has changed, and I will try to stay in touch with him. We had a good time, I think I finally found what really makes me happy. What I would consider a "party", and not just mindless drinking and cursing, just to feel cool.

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