Tuesday, 23 January 2007

More dream posts!!!

It started with me having a case to investigate. I was undercover and had to infiltrate a school. There were rumours circulating around the community, of some terrible things happening inside. I wasn't sure how to infiltrate the school environment, mostly because I didn't have any documents to show that I am a student but I went inside anyway, hoping no one would notice some random guy. To my amazement, I met with a friend of mine who taught there. We talked a bit and then he asked if I have some time because one of the teachers got sick and I could replace him.

It was during one of the breaks that I saw one student bullying another, I felt kinda sorry for that one but I couldn't do anything before the scene ended. Not giving it too much thought I went on to my lesson.

After a while, I got out of the class to make some snooping around, the flickering light coming out of one of the toilets' door caught my attention. I tried opening to no avail, then I kept on knocking until a girl opened it slightly and told me it was occupied. I left, but it only nagged my curiosity even more. On the next try I managed to sneak inside and saw that it was some kind of cult gathering. With people dressed in black and candles all over the place. The people inside were just students, so I could easily disguise myself.

The cult leader came, I could recognise him by the way he walked with dignity, a special ceremonial cloak and how everyone went silent upon his appearance. There was someone following him and I immediately recognised them. The leader was the bullied pupil while his right hand man was the bully I saw earlier.

The leader turned over and accused the other of assault. On which he replied "But I did as you told, so that no one will suspect you." But the words reached deaf ears, the bully started to get afraid and made a few steps back. The leader turned over to the crowd, asking "Does anyone have something against?" I raised myself "I do."

Bad move, the leader drew his hand and I could feel some force squeezing my heart. Now I knew how he led, using fear, killing those who opposed his will. That explained the rumours and dead bodies found from time to time. But I had something up my sleeve too. I started to change, hair grew all over me, my fingernails turned to wicked claws while my face changed into the maw of a canine, filled with savage teeth.

I came forward, saliva dropping on the floor, the gathered escaping, but he didn't back off. The force used to disrupt my internal organs grew as he drew his other hand, but my anger was greater than the pain. Soon, it was over, with me standing above his bloodied corpse, parts of his body lying around, blood spilled all over the wall... last thought before leaving: "Don't mess with a werewolf."

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