Saturday, 20 January 2007

Recent happenings

Currently I am at my new house. Which is two times cheaper and much more quiet than the halls. I have finally the environment in which I will be able to study and no more parties not allowing me to sleep. The housemates here are great, I am a bastard, but that's nothing new.

I had some problems with the accommodation office at first. Mainly they wanted me to pay the rent even after I moved out, but after getting emails from 2 tutors, my counsellor and student services, they decided to back off. The fact I mentioned how the contract I signed and what they said doesn't add to itself might have also been a key factor.

Yesterday I had my presentation. I hate presentations, afterwards I was so shaken... eh... now I need to write this essay for my other module.

On the bright side, I might visit London after the exams and then go back home.

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