Tuesday, 19 December 2006

In the land of my origin...

Saturday was awful, I had missed the plane because of a cancelled train. Luckily Seven's hubby agreed to get me from the airport otherwise I would have been forced to sleep on the street as I did not have enough money for 2 train tickets to get back and forth to the airport the next day, when I rebooked my flight.

God bless those infidels.

I noticed I suffer serious linguistic geekery symptoms... I just can't stop talking about consonants and vowels... which is surprising considering the fact I was never into phonetics before.

I stayed up till late at night talking to my sister, she isn't telling but I noticed how much she missed me... she was never that talkative with me. And she actually talked, not just made stupid jokes that drove me crazy...

The next day, yesterday in other words, I went to my old high-school to say hello to my teachers. I noticed I still hate some of them with a passion, but most are okay, I'm going there today again because my English teachers weren't present. I hope to catch them this time around.

After that, I went to town to meet up with Vegael, and God, how we missed each other. We just talked and wandered for hours upon hours until it was just too late to be healthy. I'm glad he liked the stuff I brought him from England.

It's funny how everyone says how much people tell me I got it easy with my lectures since I got so few of them, but I really don't fell like I have. I spend most of my time in front of books anyway, and now I need to get to work over my studies but first I need to meet up with some people. I owe them that much for not giving a sign of life for a few months.

On a side note, the rumours of my demise were highly exaggerated...

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