Thursday, 16 February 2006

The Language Fiend

I had a German lesson at school on Wednesday, but the regular teacher was replaced by "practitioners". I'm not sure if you do that in your countries, but here it's part of your university examination to have a lesson in a school if your course is the same as a subject taught in schools (German, Polish, Math, English, Biology, etc).

And so, the lesson was quite interesting. We got a text to read and after she asked us if we understand it, I was the only one nodding

Then we got a Right/Wrong Listening Practise, and I pointed to her that "I don't think it's the tape for this exercise." on which she said "Of course it is." but after a minute she declares "Sorry, wrong tape.", one of my school buddies replied "But I've already started." We had a great laugh... then I corrected some spelling mistakes she did and pointed to her that I don't think the answer she gave us is correct, so she promised to check it at home.

Today she declared the whole class that there was a mistake in the book and I was right.

Unfortunately, I'm still not done with my Valentine's Day depression...

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