Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Na Zdrowie!

Me and alcohol have a strange relationship.

I was never a fan of alcohol. In my high school years, when everyone was trying to get their friends to buy lots of alcohol to go out into the forest at night for a drinking party... I was bored... I tried those parties a few times but beer just doesn't have the right taste for me and I have trouble consuming anything with a bad taste.

I got drunk once... never again... every time I feel like I'm losing grip on my stomach, I stop drinking for the night.

Not being an extremely social person, I didn't go to pubs all that often either so I only drank on my own for special occasions. Thus I hardly had any alcohol for a few years. In fact, the most I had was when going back to see my mom and have a cider every evening until I got fed up with it.

All this changed after I moved in to the Awesome Flat. It is a flat of such epic proportions that if you're not jealous of me living here, there's something wrong with you and you should go see your doctor so he can send you to a mental hospital... but I digress...

Going out to have a drink with my friends has become a regular thing. I actually started to enjoy drinking, something that I thought I'd never achieve and so I must say it's true that the enjoyment depends on the company.

Still... there is one interesting thing I noticed... there seems to be a point in the day where I just feel fed up with drinking. If I spend a few hours drinking one day, I have a lot less of a drive to drink the next day. It's like my body and mind wants to have a break from drinking. Which I don't mind since they spare me the joys of a hungover. Seriously, the worst I got was feeling like I had a stone in my stomach...

eh... drinking... still don't know how I feel about it... stuff was much simpler when it was all NO instead of the maybe of nowadays...

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