Saturday, 6 March 2010

Oh Dear...

You know how when you read you're supposed to be actually reading for your enjoyment... or that old meme that pops up every now and then about how you are able to read any word despite all but the first and last letters being completely mixed up?

Well... I've got a different problem... while I quite enjoyed Changeling The Lost... I felt compelled to grab a pen and note every single mistake I could find within the book on my first reading... which I then posted on the White Wolf Livejournal more than two years ago..

I might as well post the list here... just to illustrate how messed up I am...

30: „The Hedge can as easily manifest as immaculately landscaped Victorian hedgerows as it can ghastly stinking bogs where passage is marked (or hidden) by treacherous streches of murky water.”
33: „As a result, trusting another changeling or making a mutual pledge of friendship or alliance is an profound act that changelings do not take lightly.”
81: “He the puts one dot each into Intelligence and Resolve, which puts him squarely in the average in those areas.”
87: “Minor banes can be a painful aversion to the sound of church bells, exposure to wolfsbane or hearing a one’s name.”
126: “In general, though, images and symbols will mostly as they did in the dream (as with a changeling who assumes the “costume” of an entity in the dream), while an item will appear by and large as it did in the sleeper’s thoughts.”
127: “Hearth Contracts are a broad path of beneficial effects, boons that a changeling can grant to an individual or himself when he needs and extra edge of just a little bit of influence from something greater than himself.”
137: “Everyone else within range doubles all environmental penalties to Wits rolls involving perception, including Wits + Composure rolls, as well as Wits + Skill rolls to notice events or Wit’s + Investigation rolls to intentionally search for something.”
139: “The dice pool for this attack is Dexterity + Brawling + half of the character’s Wyrd.”
147: “Mortals can clearly see they are talking speaking to a creature of inhuman appearance, but this merely impresses them to the extent that mortal onlookers are incapable of attacking the character except in self-defense.”
164: “The caster knows the outcome of something random or similarly unknowable in her immediately vicinity, such as which of four streets the people she is pursuing fled down or which roll of scratch-tickets to buy to win between $10 and $25.”
164: “Each success reduces one die of ranged combat penalties normally due to the target’s distance (range penalties), position (such as being prone), size (for very small targets) or environmental factors such as darkness, snow, cover penalties or anything else that doesn’t directly work directly upon the changeling.”
176: “This is the not the full limit of the changeling’s pledges, however; other kinds of pledges may be invested into other aspects of the changeling, from his true name to his connections to mortals and the fae.”
176: “Though the changeling’s true name is shared by another, the changeling still have the right to swear oaths by it.”
196: “This is a process then can take days.”
201: “(though some particularly power tokens offer staggering shifts in perception)”
203: “Taking a pint of blood will, when drawn, causes one lethal point of damage (or one Vitae in the case of vampires).”
207: “The bump because to rupture within minutes, spilling out several insects or bugs – a small cloud of black flies, a dozen spiders or maybe a passel of centipedes.”
207: “However, the nightmares also confer the Phobia derangement (mild), with the focus being of that phobia being insects.”
214: “If multiple changelings are in the same area, they effects they have on the Hedge meld together in subtle ways, though the changeling with the highest Wyrd rating always has the greatest influence on the area (with one possible exception, discussed below).”
244: “Unless the players all decide to create Courtless characters of the beginning of the chronicle, the rebels’ ideology will probably seem to radical to the characters, and they’ll decline, which can make for a scene of good, tense diplomacy as they try to extract themselves from the rebels’ company now that the characters know the rebels’ plans.”
251: “The player can, of course, leave this entirely up to the Storyteller, under the rationale that the character probably knows nothing about her fetch, and this if fine, if the Storyteller is amenable to the extra work.”
253: “Experience plays a large role in development, and how could the experiences of an Fae-enslaved human and an Earthbound fetch possibly be the same?”
255: “Echoes, as the name implies, as powers based upon the fetch’s relationship with its changeling counterpart.”
257: “The fetch can enter the Hedge the same ways that a changeling can(see p. 216).”
257: “The fetch can only shadows only from living beings with souls.”
267: “Perhaps, when that byway is severed, the rest of the changelings will see realize the danger and see how effective it is to cut themselves off from the Hedge, and thus the Fair Lands, completely.”
273: “Although the True Fae often retain their ability to take on their natural form when out on the hunt or otherwise traveling in the human world, banished Fae no longer has this ability.”
276: “Regardless, the Noppera-Bo will use their human or changeling seeming to work their way into the company of a group, playing up their apparent weakness or injuries to full affect.”
315: “Some who discover their presence have begged to be in the order, and have are been chosen for if their talents at manipulating fear and generating terror are up to par (or at least have the potential to be) – but that is the exception to the rule, not the rule itself.”

yes, dear reader... I'm that sad...

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