Wednesday, 14 January 2009

World War 2 Superheroics with Mom!

I wake up and go to brush my teeth. Meanwhile, the radio station is broadcasting how the nazi planes are bombing poor Norway! I keep on brushing my teeth a little bit faster when my mom jumps into the bathroom.

"There's an attack on Norway," she says. "You better get going."
"I know mom," I finish off the teeth cleaning. "I won't be long, a few more bombs won't make a difference."
"I certainly hope so!"

"Have you seen my costume?" I ask after getting back to my room. "I can't find it anywhere."
"Have you checked the drawer?" she shouts from the kitchen.
"Yes," I reply. "I did, it's not there."

After a while of scrambling I find it and get it on, when I'm about to leave through the front door, mom catches up with me.
"Oh and can you take this to your uncle while you're there," she gives me a bag of cake from the smell of it.
"Yes, I can but I need to be going," I'm starting to get a little worried. "They probably burned half the country already."
"Oh, you're such a big boy, I'm so proud of you," she hugs me. "Just like your father!"
"Can I go now?" she releases the hold she has on me.
"Just don't make too much property damage, and watch out for loose scrap metal, and don't get your cape torn, and don't forget the bullets flying."
"Yes mom, it's not the first time," I say as I fly away into the raging sky.

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