Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Year Resolutions

Since everyone and their mom thinks New Year Resolutions are a waste of time and never work, I thought I might give them a try.

Be more of a jerk
Deoq once said that I suffer from an ailment of being too nice. Before that, my doctors always said I need to be more egoistic. I never really took my tendency to think about the other person before myself as a bad thing. Recent years proved me wrong (happens more often than I don't care to admit), I'm just being taken advantage of and abused as I don't want conflict to complicate my life. This needs to end, I have to change my attitude. Malice is not hard, I just need to find a balance that works.

Cease activity on the Polish side of the internet has this saying: no game is better than a bad game. This can be easily translated to other walks of life as: not doing something is better than doing something that only causes you frustration. There's really no point in me engaging in an activity that only turn out is bashing my head on the wall out of sheer frustration on how things are.

Get a BA
My final year and I'm writing up a blog post instead of studying? Who does that?! Me, of course.

Learn some prayers
Already started learning one really long one. Maybe I'll be done with it by the end of the year... or maybe not. I can't really call myself orthodox if I don't pray, right?

Read more
I've put an hour in my schedule just to read. It's working, I'm reading. I want to get rid of the pile of books to be read. I probably won't make much progress until I get out of university and into the scary wide world of doom. I'm making progress in getting through the 105 books I own which is a good thing!

Send a story to some magazines
While most of my ideas are best served in novel format (what can I say, I like complexity), I have an idea for a short story now and then. I've never tried sending it to any magazines for publication, there are some bits I don't like about publishing but I can't use my idealism as an excuse all the time. I made preliminary research, now I just have to edit the story I have and send it to as much places I can.

Start jogging
I wanted to start working on my body for a while now. I had an epiphany recently, it often happens I have trouble sleeping, I just wake up very early in the morning. I'm a morning person I guess. I'll use this ability of mine to wake up early and start the day with a run. I find it hard to imagine there will be a lot of people at 5-6 AM and a bit of time alone with the world would do me good. Although, I think I might start a bit later in the year. Catching a cold now would only complicate things.

Write Stuff
I promised to write a couple of things for MrGone, Calliope, Seven and Alther to read. I've been putting it off because I prioritised my studies higher than those things and it's been slowly eating me up. I really don't like breaking promises, and while technically I didn't break anything since there was no deadline involved, I still feel bad about it. There's also Class Deceased, the novel I started a year ago, which didn't get any progress at all. I Should Be Writing had a very good point in saying that it doesn't matter if you write 5 words or 1000 words a day, a week or a month, it's more than nothing. I don't think that was the exact wording, but you get my meaning. As such, I won't care how much or what, I'll just write whenever I'll get the chance.

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