Friday, 16 January 2009


Deep in the woods a strange scene occurred. A car was being held in place by two rows of people holding its back and front even though the driver kept on trying to get out of this place. Finally, the people couldn't hold it any longer and they found themselves under the vehicle's wheels. The driver drove all over them, making sure they were all dead.

This has been noted by a distinguished detective who upon witnessing the mass murder, went up to the car and knocked on the car's window. When no reply came, he smashed the window open, grabbed the drivers tie and tied him up beneath the chassis. Whilst the culprit was screaming for mercy and out of fear of being dropped under a raging car, the detective took him to the police station in town.

After reaching the parking lot, he told him with a smile he needs to pay for his crimes and so they politely went to see a police officer who would pass judgement on the poor fellow.

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