Saturday, 25 October 2008

Fall for your Lives!

I apparently was myself and I was in the middle of travelling from point A to point B but as it often happens, there were delays...

Part of my journey was to get through a school. Unfortunately for me and other travellers, the gate we were supposed to go through was down for maintenance, so we had to wait inside the building until it would be open. I spotted a "no entry" sign in one of the hallways but looking through windows, I noticed the hallway led to where I was going so it would be pointless for me to stay with everyone else waiting for some stupid gate to open. Thus I went there and after a while I found a gym where some girls were training, all the doors leading out of the building were closed so I couldn't get out but at least I had a lot better internet reception, so I sat down and went on the internet.

Moments later the Principal came and told me he needs to bring me in for questioning as I committed a crime by coming here. After entering her office she starts talking while I gaze into the distance... the door was the only way out but I needed a key so I asked after being bored of boredom.

"Can I have the key?"
"No," she said.
"I'll shoot you with my finger if you don't," I pointed my index finger at her.
"Like you can!" she replied
"oh well," I sighed. "But at least I can do this!"
I jumped, grabbed her by the ankles and held her outside the window so she can have a nice view of the grass 5 floors below.
"Now will you give me the key?" I asked.
Unimpressed, she threw it down.
"Now you'll have to catch it before it falls," I said as I let her fall to her death then I jumped myself, grabbed the key in mid-fall and safely landed on the ground while she became a blood stain on the Earth's face.

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