Saturday, 25 October 2008

Egyptian Dreaming

I was cursed to roam my castle as a powerless child. My court abandoning me, there was little hope for me. That is, until a group of grave robbers broke in and offered me their help. They knew how to lift the curse plaguing my being so I agreed that if I am to return to my true form before we next meet, I'll offer them as much gold as they can carry.

I returned to my normal state a few days later. Nearly instantly, my courtiers flocked back with proclamations of leaving on quests to help me. They were all so happy to have their Pharaoh back. We all suddenly heard very strange sounds. I went out to investigate and see my palace being overrun by dozens upon dozens of grave robbers who just plainly took everything that was valuable in my possession. Angry at this, I asked my court who is responsible for letting them in. One reluctantly admitted his fault, I snapped his neck.

In anger, I called out to the robbers to stop this instant but they would not listen. My next shout wasn't so pleasant as I plainly said all the ones who won't leave now will be killed by these hands of mine. They probably thought one man is no match for about 100 people. I jumped into the fray and told the guy picking out marble off the floor to stop. He told me "make me" so I proceeded to take his tools, go round him and make a hole in the floor he'd fall in. The guy laughed, grabbed a piece of marble and hit me on the head. A very astonished look appeared on his face when he saw the marble crumbling to sand in his hands.

Thus I spent the day getting people off my castle using my sand touch powers that are so much better than the uncontrollable gold touch! I then sat on a sand throne, created with my sand manipulation powers, and looked down upon those people fearing my might and wrath.

"You have angered me," I stood up and pointed with my arm to the east where a pit formed in the desert's sands. "But I am a benevolent ruler so I'll give you a choice. Discard your previous life into the pit, throw your clothes and memories into oblivion and live as my slaves or throw yourselves into the pit and be consumed by these sands."
"You promised us treasures, is this how you repay us?" their leader shouted. "By breaking your word! We held up to our word unlike you! It's you who have no honour!"
"You dare to speak of honour? You who did not come to my palace to ask for his reward? If you had done so, I'd given you as much as you can carry but instead you choose to forget about your host, come inside my house as if it was a brothel and take everything out of your own accord." I sat down. "That is your crime, this is your punishment."

And then I looked at the people making their decisions.

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