Sunday, 17 February 2008

I Rant Thee

There's always something wrong going on... I'm behind on keeping in touch with people, blogging, game updating, writing and studying... it's not that it's too much for me, I can deal with it all and still have the time to read a book or post on the forums but with not having a laptop for a week my sleep pattern just plain died under the attack of extreme anxiety. It didn't help I had a week off school afterwards, I only get depressed about not going to university and frankly, the time I went to class this Monday put a sincere smile on my face.

It's slightly pathetic to actually like studying more than being around people and going out on a drink but I can't say I care that much. I do need to gather myself up because without a pattern of things to do I'm a mess that just gets piled up on things that I should be doing. Like making my room not being a mess, I guess I'll put some time off my usual IM schedule. At least I have some more money to spend thanks to a bursary arrival, which means I can relax a bit in the kitchen cooking... even if the kitchen looks awful... I am a guy, and as such I hate cleaning but that doesn't mean I'm incapable of keeping my living space clean... in fact, it's easier to just wash the dishes after the meal and make sure nothing spills from your cup of tea on the floor rather than cleaning everything each week, for which I plainly don't have time... I really need to be living alone for once in my life.

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