Monday, 29 October 2007

An Update of Sorts...

Instead of posting to my RPoL games I'm now going to proceed with reviving this blog.

Aside from most of the books I read aren't dealing with mood and modality which seem to be incorporated into our essay subjects as part of this semester assignments, not much happened.

The Lost in Miami game turned out to be a big success, with nearly 20 players! I'm having fun over there so it's all good. I've also finished translating my Sarmatae Bloodline into Polish for World of Darkness Azylum, although it's not yet published. Now I'll proceed to detail my Ghost Guides Legacy. As a side project I'm reviewing Scion: Hero as I read it, which should make Insane Prophet happy and maybe, just maybe, it will be an worthy review.

Apparently, all the household bills will now go through me which means I'll have to knock on other people's doors every month and demand a tithe to pay!

Everyone is preparing for Halloween and I'm just wondering if I should go to a cemetery on the day of the dead, sit on a bench and drink some tea after my lectures. It would help if I knew where a good cemetery is here in Brighton.

I most likely have to compile my poems into a file and send them all to my library, asking for that translation work they said they'd have for me and seeing if that would be enough for publishing purposes. Naturally, I'm a bit stressed about it since it would be my début...

I have recently received about 30 books from a friend. Her neighbour put them in a box outside so that whoever is interested can take them and she took 30 for me. Nice ones, The Wheel of Time series, four Sharpe's books and a bunch of others. My full library is of course on LibraryThing!

November is looming and with it NaNoWriMo... I'd like to test my skillz with it. I already have an idea and plan in my mind worked out but it's not going to be Kung-Fu Jesus because that's too awesome to spoil with zero preparations.

My teen years will end this week...

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