Sunday, 14 October 2007

Online Game

How warm it must be
for Summer to rule
over scorched land
and the boiling sea

With Spring exiled
Autumn in fear
and Winter hidden
Will the Summer
ever end?

Shall Anger rule
in the streets
and hearts
until nothing's left
but false souls?

What will you do
when They come
for you...

The Freehold of Miami is in a difficult position.
Grandfather Thunder, the Summer King, has taken control over the city in a coup, banishing the Spring Queen, defeating the Autumn Court and making a truce with Winter. Although he claims the city's affinity for Summer will create a stronger barrier against the True Fae than the cycle of seasons, since the disruption, the number of missing people rose significantly.
Could this be a coincidence or are the Others really coming?
The fae are getting nervous. Many people talk, rumors are being spread out. Some fear another war among their kind but the rest fears the Others even more than death.
Are you going to fight or will you wait patiently for your Keeper to come take you back... home?

Lost in Miami

Note: You will need to have an account on RPoL to participate in the game...

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