Friday, 10 August 2007

In the lands of RPG

It's getting closer and closer to the première of THE NEW WORLD OF DARKNESS GAME!!!! Otherwise known as Changeling: The Lost. For some reason, I am given signs that setting up a game would be good. So I'm toying with the idea a bit. Now, in the Beowulf panel at Comic-Con, Neil Gaiman mentioned this concept of the so-called bullshit cast, which is basically the writers saying who would play what without thinking if those actors would even want to. So I'm thinking I'll do the same, here and now, for the game. I'll just list a nickname and why I'd like this particular person in a game storytold by yours truly.
Before I start, I'd like you to know that if I don't mention you, that only means I either don't know you as a player well enough to make a judgement or I have significant reasons to believe you wouldn't be interested or not having enough time on your hands.

Changeling: The Lost BS Cast
in alphabetical order

AfroHead - Although a beginner, he posts like a veteran roleplayer and is a regular poster.
AstraKiseki - This woman posts with a maddening speed, and I'm quite pleased with her characters (notice the plural) in United We Stand.
Deoq - No Changeling game is complete without the butterfly-man. He would probably make something weird and fun for a character. He also writes excellent posts.
Etu - Posts regularly, very well written and able to keep up with me and Astra if needed, which is an epic feat in and of itself.
Revamp - Much like Deoq, he is imaginative and writes the longest posts possible... leads me to believe he is not fully human...
Weregoat - It's his fault that I am even considering this game. He is a stable player and would probably introduce some brutish but interesting character into the mix, and together with Revamp they'd make kinky bonus material for the game.
Kitin - Posts regularly and hasn't made me regret allowing her into the Orphanage game, imaginative and well-written posts and enough room to be mean to her character, causing emotional trauma!
Wyrm - If you don't know why, you should be ashamed of yourself! The mere presence of this man raises the whole coolness factor!

and since we are on the subject of roleplaying. I made some updates to my webpage recently.
I've made two characters while I was offline, Paul Miller (Mekhet Lancea Sanctum) and John Smith (Scion of Odin), and I've revised Gustaw (Ulgan), changing him from Cuprum to Argentum, mostly because he was made before the publication of the Refinement, and it suits him better.
As far as my webpage goes, I'm considering making something of an email subscription for those who'd be interested. This way you'll be able to keep up with all the things I do there (which aren't always rpg related, as seen by the recent Quotes update) and I hope it would motivate me to write some more fiction. I know some of you actually like my stories...

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