Sunday, 12 August 2007

Here be Kittens!

Life's a bit slow lately. I just keep on waiting for everything.
16th - Changeling: The Lost release
25th - Sister visits
2nd - Trip onto the farm
For now I won't be looking for work since I'll just be unable to attend if I find one, but I'll resume as the academic year starts. Most of the day I just sit in my little room and read.

I've began to make initial research into a Bloodline idea I had lying around for ages. Basically, it's a Ventrue Bloodline called Sarmatae which is obsessed with their superiority over others due to lineage and physical prowess. Not going to make a custom Discipline, they'll just get Vigor, there's enough Disciplines out there already. Cool powers isn't what a Bloodline is about. I'm not all that familiar with Bloodlines in general, but it's going to be a localised Slavic Bloodline, so I don't think I'll have to worry about writing something that's already been written.

I've also finally started working on proof-reading the Rotten Apple and am 9% done. Which isn't that low considering all the text in Times New Roman size 12 is 75 pages long. I've told Deimos_Masque in March I'll do it, and am a bit embarrassed that I've only managed to get over with everything to do this now. I can only hope he'll forgive me...

My sister has been sending me some pictures from the farm (kittens specifically), and Seven demanded them to be posted. Thus over the days I'll slowly reveal the pictures... which I have 27. Here are the first five. They have been edited to just show the cats and sized down so it won't be so hard to see like that car I posted a while ago.
The cats are eating

A closer look at hungry cats

Grandmother cat is not pleased with spying on their meal

Spotty (Pieguska) sees you!

Purr (Mruczka) wants some attention too!

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