Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Been busy

These past two days were quite busy.

Yesterday I went to Książnica Podlaska to get my pay check. Of course the director had to invite me to his office, some other people came, we had a chit-chat, took 3 hours till I left. Then I went to school to say goodbye to the library ladies and to check what I need for my mother to get the Matura results for me when I won't be in the country. When I was heading home, I stopped by a friend. She told me there's going to be a meeting at a pub today. When we were done, I went home, bought the TF (Cybertron Downshift), stayed a bit and played with it while at home, and then I went to the party. Of course, the girl had to be there. After all she had said, and the fact that she just doesn't seem to care about what happened, I think I made a mistake. But I don't want to leave it like this. Thus I fight with myself each day...

Of course, while I was getting paid, I got an article to translate. Thus I spent all of today on it. I wanted to bring the translation today in, but the director's office was already closed. Oh well, I will have another day to search for mistakes and make adjustments. I also forgot to bring money to buy a ticket to get home so I had to walk home by foot. I don't mind having a one hour walk, I've done 6 hours in my life earlier, but the fact that I was alone and I had nothing to keep my attention caused an emotional overload...

Right now, I have absolutely no idea what to feel... and that's not helping a bit.

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